Reversed Tarot Cards.....

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Reversed Tarot Cards.....
Post # 1
How does one necessarily draw a "reversed" tarot card? I've never really understood that, and I can't find any answers. So, here I am.

I also have another question. When doing readings for other people, do you draw the cards with them in mind or do they draw the cards themselves? I've heard that the cards only work for the one who owns them, which is generally something that I haven't been able to disprove.
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Re: Reversed Tarot Cards.....
Post # 2
After shuffling the deck, cards may come out upside down, which is "reversed" in tarot parlance.

and the reader generally deals out the cards while focusing on the querant and/or their question or issue.
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Re: Reversed Tarot Cards.....
Post # 3
When i do my readings i never read the card reverse i turn it the right way and read it but some do . i read what i feel about the card .
the person should shuffle the cards and pick the required cards .
Saying that if you are doing phone readings or email readings the the you pick the cards thinking of who you are reading for .the link will connect .
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Re: Reversed Tarot Cards.....
Post # 4
Reversals are when a card is drawn upside down. Not all readers take this into consideration. Some take the significance very seriously. I have seen a reader fret more over a card that falls out when shuffling *shrug*

As for having the other person pull the cards, that is up to the reader. I personally do not like others touching my deck, but have made a few exceptions. When the reader is tuned into the energy of the person being read, this should not be an issue.
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Re: Reversed Tarot Cards.....
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
To add to the above post some people believe that cards that jump out are to be regarded as a card or cards that are signifigant to the reading and are read after the main cards drawn for the reading. For what specific purpose it is read for I'm not completely sure.
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Re: Reversed Tarot Cards.....
Post # 6

For the reader tarot cards are a person tool, and for an avid reader after they have been using them for so long they form a personal bond and coonection with their cards. Over time the reader will have a relationship so to speak with his or her cards and develop instincts, feelings, and habits with their deck. I have seen a lot of readers do weird things with their cards, but at the same time I understand as a reader myself. Each person will have their own way of handling their cards, have a certain way of performing a reading and so on.

As far as the reverersed cards are considerded some people believe that such a card represents the opposite meaning of that which when the card is face up. Like someone already said some don't pay it any regard. Some people see reveresed cards as omens or signs and so on. Really it is up to you to feel the cards and interpret them as you see fit. I personally don't play much into the meanings and definitions that many decks come accompanied with such as their booklets or manuals. Because really.. there is no manual for divination, it's not a set in stone process.

I suggest you read one of my earlier posts on explaining divination for further information, not to mention if you take the time and have the patience there is a lot of actually decent info in the forums, and you can always google or do research.

Blessings and I hope this helps,


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Re: Reversed Tarot Cards.....
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

I'm not sure if what I did is the most appropriate way of doing it, but when I first got my tarot deck back when I was 17-18, I wondered how I could ever draw the reverse since they were all upright. I think after a year, I just one day spread all my tarots out and did it very messy. I then gathered them together and shuffled it so there would be a mixture of upright and reverse.

Since I've done that, I've been more confortable at dealing with my tarot cards. The reverse cards are not always reverse cards for me and the upright cards are not always upright. It made me feel more confident on using them.

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