Feels like I did it right

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Feels like I did it right
Post # 1
I feel that I could cast any spell of this website without any problems regarding the understanding of the spell and the faith on it. I just met this website about a couple minutes ago, tried the phone spell and it did really work. Then I tried that one you must draw a pentacle filling a full piece of paper then write a simple wish. Seems that it will work too (already worked in part).

I'm a fast learner but I have some psychiatric problems: I'm a borderline, which means that I simply cannot deal properly with my feelings. I'm unstable. Hope you people understand this.

I'm from Brazil by the way, and never had any experience with magic (I always had been an atheist, also an "ultimate-self-convicted-science-lover". Or else, I never believed anything regarding spells and magic. Except for the fact that our mind has a lot of power we aren't even close to an understanding).

Why am I here? Probably for the same reason that a lot of people get in here: lack of being loved by somebody.

Why did I give it a try? Because I can't hold anymore. My life has always been horrible. I have always been unhappy in all aspects of life as well as in human relationships of any kind.

I tried to kill people many times (by knocking them down with my car, electrocution, incinerating their cars and motorcycles with gasoline and whispering high-offensive words based on the person's weakness to leave them no alternative but killing themselves. Never worked, and I always get sad when these attempts to kill fail.

Also, I tried to suicide many times as well. Won't lie: my attempts to suicide were mainly to get some attention of those around me. Never worked really, even when I had to go to the hospital fully paralysed by an intentional overdose of dangerous medication and almost died in the process. My parents didn't make anything further than take me to a public hospital and let me there. Public hospitals in Brazil are not like public hospitals in USA: most of the times there are not even enough beds for all the sick people, neither doctors.

Why am I not posting this in the "new people sections and stuff"? Because I want some help and advice for now, not just introduce myself. I'm a 22 yo straight male living into a hell. My urgent problem is to get things working in my life with this girl.

What advice could you people give me to solve my problems? Not just spells, but spiritual stuff and any kind of knowledge you finds interesting to share with me. I need a "way", a path to follow in life.

Thanks and sorry for any possible grammar mistakes: as I said, I'm from Brazil and my English isn't so well. I can understand anything, but not that good when I have to write.

With pleasure,
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Re: Feels like I did it right
By: / Novice
Post # 2
visit a therapist
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Re: Feels like I did it right
Post # 3
...then the girl may look like an intelligent and open-minded person, until the moment you talks to her and finds out that she is actually ignorant and unable to barely spell her own name correct. That's why she'll probably fail in casting a spell no matter how hard she tries.

Magic requires knowledge, and knowledge cannot be achieved for those who do not even understand the simple idea of treating someone you barely knows with some respect, as well as basic human psychology to understand that SOMEONE WITH SUCH A LOT OF PERSONALITY DISORDERS MAY ALREADY HAD NOT JUST ONE, BUT DOZENS OF MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS AND THERAPY SECTIONS.

Thank you,
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Re: Feels like I did it right
Post # 4
Greetings .

I'm glad to hear, that your chosen spells, have worked for you so far . The first step, for any spell, is believing that it will work . If you don't believe it will work, then it won't ...

Also being someone with "mental/emotional" problems, I can sympathize with you, to some extent .

Now, my first question would be, what is the purpose of magic for you ? Are you interested in a certain "path", or are you using it when/where you need to ?

You can send me a private message, or reply on this topic .
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Re: Feels like I did it right
Post # 5
DarkTiger, for some reason I really sympathize with you too. Not a surprise since you're a very polite person (as far as I noticed by your post). I could say you're a person who can easily "fit" in any social situation and remain for long talks with different people in many different ways.

Well, as I said before, you are very polite. But that's not the only reason: you are also interested in people's issues, success, abilities and, most important, you shows yourself as someone always ready to hear. Even if you aren't.

Well, I came here interested in a single spell that could bring me someone I really love. So, I tried two basic spells, but I tried these spells with strong faith that it would work. Also, I based myself not only in faith (that is the most important but indeed not the unique concern in casting a spell), but also in following step by step on how to do, what materials I would need to do (that was basic home stuff, like a needle), theory and intense meditation in how the spell would work and possible mistakes I must avoid in order to cast it right.

I'm a polarized person, which means that I'm 8 or 80. Not half, not less and not more. I rarely decide to do something that I won't be able to finish. Once I start something, that is because I've decided to put that task before all my previous priorities and give myself entirely to finish it. Even if I could not finish, at least I'm always sure that I did whatever I could do to make it true.

About finding a path or casting spells just by our needs, I don't really know what to think, which leads me to think that now I'm more interested in finding a solid ground to put my feet on. I'm considering the idea of picking one spell and meditate about it all over the night today, so I may be able to practice it by the morning. Not sure. Depression (a common symptom in BPD) takes me all my will and pleasure. I took a lot of antidepressants today and got high, then I said a lot of bullshit to people I love. I lost them.

My BPD is even more serious each day. One thing I learned and I would like to share is: as smart as you can be, as good as you can cast a spell and studying the art of magic, it will not solve your problems if you can't handle your life.

Thanks for your interest, DarkTiger, and please share with us you experiences too. I would be glad to hear more about you. ;)

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Re: Feels like I did it right
Post # 6
your experiences*
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