Have I been hypnotised?

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Have I been hypnotised?
Post # 1
Hi There myname is Siope Otutaha, and i am searching for some truth. You see, when i was younger my first memories of attraction were to females and then something happened. I don't know what exactly, but i know it had to do with my mom doing something to me in the bath tub with both of us naked. I mentioned this to her and my dad and they both screamed. After this I have been mucked around with by my cousin and my half brother. I now wonder whether these things have to do with me having strong feelings towards the same sex, i.e. males. Sometimes I think that I've been hypnotised but it all seems hopeless because i can't get any answers from anyone. Can you guys help in anyway please?
Any type of information would be much appreciated.
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Re: Have I been hypnotised?
Post # 2
Hi Siope, you are sadly a victim of child abuse. Research shows that a child who has been sexually abused becomes a victim for other sexual predators. You have not been hypnotised, you have been victimised. For more information on child abuse of a sexual nature, you may want to visit this website.

Your sexual orientation, well, is a matter of choice. And there's nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex.

Please seek help, counselling and healing to overcome the trauma you have been through. No one deserves to have gone through what you have. But there's always away to move ahead.

You've already taken the first step to healing by speaking about this. Dont stop now.

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Re: Have I been hypnotised?
Post # 3
Hypnotism does not often work that way, and would have to be done by a professional. I believe what magiwoman said is sad but true. There are many others out there that have gone through similar things. You could be seeking out same sex partners because that is truly what you want in life. It could also be your own coping mechanism. Finding a therapist that you feel comfortable with can help tremendously. Love, light and blessings brother :)

xx Angel
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Re: Have I been hypnotised?
Post # 4
Magiwoman, sexual orientation is not a "choice". Every single person who has ever studied homosexuality has discerned that it is just the way a person is and it cannot be changed. Siope, if you have been hypnotized, though I'm inclined to agree with magiwoman on this one (I'm very sorry), I think it is possible to make a person _think_ their attracted to the same sex though I believe doing such is quite dangerous.
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Re: Have I been hypnotised?
Post # 5
Wow thanks, that is really comforting. I will definately seek more help from my psychologist though, hopefuly she can help me find my trueself in this mess. Thanks for the insights and keep em comming.
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