so... what is real, then?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> so... what is real, then?

so... what is real, then?
Post # 1
so,before you label me a fluffy and decide this entire post is not worth reading,I just want to say... that it might be better to have a page one can be directed to on this site that talks about what is.. and isnt real.

the basics.

vamps.sure, theyre the stuffof legends, but you have people on talk shows claiming they are very real and drink blood, take energy and the like.

im not saying this makes vamps real but it might explain why there are so many teens out there convinced they are blood suckers and want to rant and rave about it on here, expecting a positive response, because to them, something discussed on a talk show has to be reasonably plausible.

and yet... it isn't is it?

neither are werewolves, fairies,half breeds, etc.

then what about angels, demons, spirits, ghosts?
which are real from those? does a certain religion make one real and the other not, or change its signifigance (like for the jews christ wasnt a saviour, yet he existed)

.. well what about what can be done using magick?

can you change the outcome of something? can you cure a simple cold? what is the limit? you do see people write that magick has its limits and laws, but i have yet to see ( mind you, i didnt exactly go digging around on this large site) what these are exactly.

its not likei dont know the basic answers to this... but, I thought that if we had a place where fluffies could look and realize that what they think they can do or are isnt real or even feasible.. the number of them may go down. maybe fluffies dont mean to be fluffy.. they learned or saw something that led them to believe impossible things.

breaking it to every individual is tedious, frustrating and annoying. because most likely, youll get told off for being 'closed minded' which is of course, untrue.

to save you the unnecesary words later on,please do post your thoughts on this matter.

what is real as far as magick goes(possible,perhaps) and whats just fantasy?

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Re: so... what is real, then?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Most of what you say is, indeed, fantasy.They are beliefs, and if you believe, then your beliefs are very real to you! It is very much like the placebo used by doctors to research remedies; some get the real stuff, some get the fake. And quite surprisingly many of those getting the fake do get better! It is faith; sincere belief. Is it magic? If you believe it is, then it is!
When I was very young I asked my witch teacher a direct question.
"What,exactly, is magic?"
This is what she said:-
"Throw a few seeds on to good soil. Add water and sunshine. Tend the plants carefully. Watch them grow. You cannot get much more magical than that!"
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Re: so... what is real, then?
Post # 3
So then it is as its always been described?

that the things you believe in do truly make them real? well I dont argue that point, I do agree with you on that... but that still leaves the debate of what is and isnt real...

or perhaps more precisely, what does or does not qualify someone to become a fluffy. if the things we believe in make them real, then to a certain degree a fluffy can absolutely never be argued against, because then we would have to establish up and down, black and white. order.

is this possible when regarding magick?

i dont believe it is, but I would like to ask for your opinion. thank you for your well constructed reply to my earlier question.
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