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Post # 1

You can keep your whining about "oh stop writing threads complaining about whatever..."

This forum is called "Comments", so chill while I say a few things that AREN'T complaining. ;)

Through out the years I've been using this site I've run into a number of interesting characters and personalities. Some I really enjoyed, and others I could possibly strangle (firguritively speaking ;D). One thing I find myself particularly sticking to with all the "fads" streaming through these forums, is the groups/covens feature. I am one of those people to consequently belong to up to several covens at once, I'm rather known for it surprisingly. I've tried my hand in web design, and web creation, occasionally attempting to pull a portion of this website off to another website--usually one I spend hours tweaking and perfecting. They all ran into the ground.


I've put that to deep thought for quite some time, always attempting to figure out the 'spark' or the true appeal of this website, what makes it so different from those others online pagan communities.
I've come to the idea that this website has developed into its own little world, if you will. Something with its own laws, corruption, hopes, values, teachings, signature behaviors, and even its own--shall I say it--psuedo-economical system. Hm that one gave me a bit of a laugh. :)
Anyway so in the time I spend here, and the time I spend deliberating the many ways I fight the system (cheesy arm movement), I've gotten used to this place.

I believe the charm in this place is the intimate humanity. The conflicts we go through every day is really what keeps us coming back. Nobody can that it's because they want to teach, because we all know that's not true. The most respected members on here recently actually went through the trouble of discussing quizzes they'd give to the people who want them to be their mentors. While I was laughing at how silly and assuming that was I was thinking, "lol They don't teach, they don't even mentor on a regular basis, they answer the same droning questions with the same droning answers like, "research it" or "study your basics"."

And it dawned on me...

They like the humanity of this site. Even the most hoity toity stick up your fanny high and mighty "knowledgeable" no... "adept" member enjoys something here besides writing the same typical nonsense regarding words starting with 'b', having an 'a' and 's', and ending in 'ics'.

You like it here, I like it here. I like arguing, I like scheming, I like climbing the ranks and gaining respect.

Oh yeah, I'm totally human like that...

What are you?

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Re: Reflecting
By: / Novice
Post # 2
the last part makes SoM sound like some kind of video game.
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Re: Reflecting
Post # 3
Interesting post Amity. Who would have thought that a website could have humanity?
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Re: Reflecting
Post # 4
Have we forgotten what this site is for? This silly antics for title and power whats the point? Its a website for knowledge not stupid struggle for power. Why should we care who has a title or not were hear to experience knowledge. With all this complaining and silly antics we miss what were really here for. We meet people through this site because we had a bond for the same thing Knowledge of magick and beyond what is considered normal. People come here for knowledge no matter the type. Yes there are things that are wrong and false but thats what were here for to show the right path. No matter how many deny or refuse to learn there are others that will learn. Let us unite not under a coven or a title but as Scholars searching and exploring beyond the mists.
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Re: Reflecting
Post # 5

Sweet pea, stop trying to pull this "I'm not human! I don't want power! I don't want respect! blah blah blah..."
Because of all people I won't have it from a Satanist.

The idea I'm trying to portray here is while we're trying to educate people, it's not a bad thing to want something to keep it interesting.
Now I see people read this and refuse to come out of their righteous closet, so allow me to describe for you how I feel...

I feel better, actually. Now that I have these things...
I have in the past done the very same thing some of you are doing with me; where in I would literally look down on someone for wanting a position, etc...
Well frankly, I'd rather have mods who want their position because it motivates them to enforce the rules.
I'd rather have 'knowledgeable' members who actually want that rating because you and I both know half of the website's questions are going to be rolling into their inbox.
I'd rather have Councilors in a coven who want to be councilors because it's an important job, and they have to be active.
The same goes for Editors, coven leaders, Contributors, the one Publisher on this site, administration, and all the bloody ways we rank and rate people on this site I'd rather them want it, and not feel embarassed because it makes them people.
It means they know they are the same species as you and I, and I don't feel they shouldn't be allowed to enjoy what they have.

I've been a Priestess myself, and council for several covens. Each time I do what I can to help the coven grow and mature into something realistic and down-to-Earth, something where people can feel at home.
I enjoy it.
I love being in charge because with all my flaws I can be a control freak, I can power hungry, and I can enjoy seeing titles attached to my profile, and to tell the truth most of the people on this site do as well.
Why deny it if it's so common?

Yes, there are power hungry twits who don't know what they are doing, but there are still level-headed people out there that can actually do their job, and they should be allowed to enjoy it without people sticking their hypocritical noses up at it.

I'm not here to complain, and I'm not here to whine and moan, in fact I'm here to try and give people something to feel a bit more comfortable about.
We aren't all expected to be the next Mother Theresa, and in that we also aren't expected to be the next Adolf Hitler.

The world isn't black and white, and I speak for indulgence instead of adstinence.

If you have what it takes, by all means strive to run a coven, god knows we could use some leaders who care. Or better yet if you feel you can do the job, aim for a moderator position, because the mods themselves enjoy their duties, but they still try to be effective.

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Re: Reflecting
Post # 6

Sorry for the double post, but you do realize all of these ranks and ratings are to keep people active, yes? This is the doing of administration...
So you're not gonna beat 'em, may as well join the fun and see where you can go.

Ambition in my opinion is only a bad thing when you cease to be useful.

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Re: Reflecting
By: / Novice
Post # 7
i dont want power as in a mod that just sounds like too much work for me. Im okay not being a priestess because then SoM would take over my life. This is just a website . Its not life.
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Re: Reflecting
Post # 8

Nox, I can understand where you coming from with that, even though ambition wasn't exactly the point of my post. XD

BlackAnubis, as much as that type of system would help, it would also backfire on what I'm talking about. It would create more confusion, most likely because Petrarca has a habit of not explaining things in depth; and It would cause begrudging issues, because we already have problems getting around the current system as it is.
This website has already dug itself so deep into the pits of coding chaos, there is already such a complex set of procedures and qualifications for anything to get done. Take your coven for instance, your leaders cannot make and decisions without a vote, a vote that can't even take place until each council member has agreed to it. That's complex enough, do we really need yet another set of coding to complicate things even more?
Maybe, I wouldn't know, that's all up to chaos theory which I don't feel like getting in to.

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Re: Reflecting
Post # 9
I've been here for a while now. But I'm not here to be a mod or priestess. I've never payed attention to my ranks and nor have I joined a coven. I have nothing against power or those who seek it...on this website or in the real world. For me, I'm happy with whatever I have or am. So then why am I here? The answer is simple--I really like this website. It's a nice place. You learn a little, you share a little. You meet all sorts of people here--crazy ones, smart ones, angry ones, funny ones. And yes amity, you are right. This place is a world of it's own and it's super fun to be a part of it. :)
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Re: Reflecting
Post # 10

While ambition might not be the particular deliberacy as for your muse, I'm glad someone seems to see my point.

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