Calling Spirits

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Calling Spirits
Post # 1
Ok this post is because I want to know more about calling spirits from the after life. Like a medium. See I want to be a shaman and I know that shamans have a lot to do with spirits. I have a spirit guide but she can only teach and guide me so much. I know that you need a talisman to bind them to our plane and you need a name or image or picture of said spirit or ghost but beyond that I am lost. If anyone would be willing to help I would appreciate it.
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Re: Calling Spirits
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Why would you want to summon a spirit from the afterlife and bind them to the physical plane? Don't you think that might be kind of rude? First of all, if they're in the afterlife they're probably very happy and to bring them back from the afterlife might make them unhappy. Why would you possibly want to make a spirit who has lived a long time and deserves eternal rest unhappy? Besides, do you know the spirit you are calling? If you don't, I wouldn't try calling a spirit that you don't know. Spirits are just like people and they do have varying personalities. When you said like a medium, you sound like you mean the opposite. Mediums don't need talismans to bind spirits because they know that spirits are people. Also, when you say you need a picture and such, what kind of spell or ritual are you doing? Again, I wouldn't suggest binding a spirit to the physical plane. Spirits do have very bad tempers sometimes when they get angry. Again on the medium thing. A mental medium or channeler can picture a particular spirit in they're head and speak to them. The difference being between just a mental medium and channeling is that in channeling the spirits can physically speak through you and with mental mediumship the ghost thing is all happening in your mind. Not in a bad way; it's real but, no one else but the medium can see or hear anything that is going on unless the medium says something. So, you might want to look up more info on mediums. Also, I'm not meaning to sound offensive, I know sometimes I do occasionally but, I'm just trying to help. So take no offense to anything I say.
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Re: Calling Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 3
if you want to practice shamanism, i don't see why you need a spirit. i learned about shamanism many years ago, so if i say something wrong i'm sorry. you already have a spirit to talk to, why bind it or another to an object? i love the spirit with me, but i'm not about to forse Rori to stay here forever, it sucks, but i know one day he probably won't be with me.

perhaps what you need is a spirit/vision quest. if memory serves, there's a few ways of doing this but they all center around putting tremendous physical and emotional strain on yourself. try seeing if anyone/anywhere has a sweat lodge that does vision quests. i've always wanted to do one personally, and it's a native tradition in most tribes. the other one you can do is going into the woods on your own and not leaving until you discover you totem through a vision or a spirit animal appears before you, but since i don't know your age, i don't suggest that.
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Re: Calling Spirits
Post # 4
Alright that is it! Why is it when people make forum posts 9 times out of 10 people give useless info. People have been working with spirits forever. So from now on on this post only reply if you have something useful a.k.a. the info I want.
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Re: Calling Spirits
Post # 5
Okay, here's some useful info for you... you better be a necromencer rather than to be a shaman.
Binding?? A spirit??
Try to just concentrate, meditate and just be prepared for them, they will come to you.
You must give them love and respect, so that they respect and love you back.
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Re: Calling Spirits
Post # 6
ugh.... People always have to ritualize things. If you want to be a SPIRITUAL shaman/medium, all you do is think of the spirit you're calling. Think of it's energy signature. You can connect to the energy by photos, for example. EVERYTHING has a spirit/soul. We're all spiritual beings. It is possible to 'call' upon the spirit, just by thinking of them. It's really not that hard, and people really don't need to ritualize things.
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