Love spell

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Love spell
Post # 1
Have anybody tried love spells that has woorked??
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Re: Love spell
Post # 2
I haven't tried casting a love spell yet but i did make a mojo bag and that worked great! if you want to make one there is a video in the video section of the site that shows you how to make them.

Blessed be!


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Re: Love spell
Post # 3
I wouldn't reccommend a love spell targeted at someone. I've tried one in my earlier years of practicing because I didn't think were real. So for fun I did one and it worked amazingly on the target except apart of me wasn't ready for it a part of me just wanted it so bad. It was like haveing something you wanted so bad for so long right in front of you but unable to have it because you don't deserve and you know you don't. It will always bear on your concious the question of do they really love me or is it just the magick making them love me which is soon to fade anyway (Because everyone has freewill regardless).

plus your not just binding them to you your binding yourself to them and trust me its not worth it. If anything your more affected by the love spell than the target. So if they fall out of love with you then you'll struggle to be free from loving them which is false in a way. If the spell was powerful then you'll defanatily have an issue on your hands.
So just try your hand at love charms or untargeted love spells that make you more attractive and approcable and you'll see how many secret admireiers come out to play. Some people just need to feel like they can open up to you without getting their heart broken just like anyone would. After you find the willing one you want it would be recommended to release the charm or if its a spell once you find that someone it should free itself for its done what it needs to and you can get to know your new found love.
Remeber no targeted love spells or sketchy ones they come with a price that most aren't ready to handle. So I hope you find the love your looking for and happiness.
GOOD LUCK and Blessings Be! :)
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Re: Love spell
Post # 4
Thanks that was ? good one! Kind of you To take your time! I upprechiate it but were im from in My sits i take that risk, i would pay online if i Could see the resault first i know:/

Were can i see the video? Can you Link it To me Please?
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Re: Love spell
Post # 5
hello raven im new to the site was reading a little about you would like to become a member can u help me
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Re: Love spell
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
You should not ever force someone to "Love" you against their free will. This will only turn out bad.
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