Activating stones/crystal

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Activating stones/crystal
Post # 1
hello all, i have been practincing magic for about a year and and i have been a member of this site shortley after i have commited to practing (mostly studying) all i could about about not sure what my path is but i know i like. simply picking and choosing from paths im currently learning about and incorperating them into my own.

Only about a month ago i picked up the practice of working with stones and crystals. i started off with reading online and using webiste as refrences and eventually bought the scott c book on stones, crystals and metals. once i gotten the basics of working with stones i began purching stones here and there working on a small collection to work with.

i began to with carrying one stone at a time for one to two days at a time, checking to see how their properties can affect or inlfuence my energy. at that point i learned that one must attune or activate stones and crystals and i was told it was done through meditation.

i decided to use clear quarts crystal to be the first crystal i would activate. i made a necklace with the quartz and wore it every day for about a week and every chance i had i focused on the crystal and meditated. the craziest thing was, the stone had activated while i was on the bus reading about herbs on my phone.

i knew it had activated and i was attune with the crystal because all of a sudden i was able visaulize it in my had perfectly and see and a very strong beams of light illuminating
from the center of the stone.

from that point i notice subtle differnces and good fortune since then. this was my first experience with attuning with stones and wont be the last :))

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Re: Activating stones/crystal
Post # 2
I am happy to hear you have come so far in your crystal work Ranom. Thanks for sharing with us :)

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Re: Activating stones/crystal
Post # 3

That's great! thanks for sharing. Many people give the attributes of crystals but it's not often they mention a way to attune to them.

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Re: Activating stones/crystal
Post # 4
When I pick a crystal, make that when a crystal picks me.I take the crystal(s) and place them in a glass of spring water, I set this where the sun and moon can shine on them to cleanse them, I then under a full moon will bless and consecrate the crystals and assign the their mission. You must understand that a crystal entity will stay with you for as long as it is needed, then one day it will move on to someone else. This has happened to me quite a few times, I'll meet a friend who is in desperate need and my intuition sparked by the crystal tells me to pass it on to this person. that is how crystals worn by us work. My healing crystals are treated the same way, but since they are assigned healing tasks they will stay with me for the duration of my time on this plane. I hope this is useful info, I've been a healer since I was a teenager I am now 60 and still going strong.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Activating stones/crystal
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Rogelio, the information you posted is very helpful indeed. Right now I've only been practicing my meditation and have been collecting crystals so I can learn to bless and charge them. Thank you!
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Re: Activating stones/crystal
By: / Novice
Post # 6
without knowing it, i've gotten into crystal work. when i was a kid i was into stones and crystals, but not as much now that i'm over. about 6 months ago, i started going into the stone section of my occult shop, and have began picking some out. a moonstone and a dragonstore are the ones i use the most. i meditate with them and if i need any extra help [health/vissions/luck] i carry them. before i'd leave them in my window so the moon could charge them, but now i leave them in the window at night, and place them in a draw-string bag in the day, at the end of the month, i leave them in the bag. i'm trying to find different coloured bags so i can place each type in a different coloured bag [purple if they're best with diviation, green for luck]
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Re: Activating stones/crystal
Post # 7
I have been using a small blue bag pouch or just simply placing them in my pocket. at first when i started. i one stone, and it was a big lapis lazuli and i carried it around for about a month strieght with really knowing what i was doing. i decided to stop carrying and realized how tensed and stressed i felt wearing it after so long. it felt like gravity gotten lighter or something. this is why i dont carry one stone for too long. but these days i can carry my lapis lazuli around comfurtably. but i dont think ive activated it yet. and thank you all for the info. i did not know that stones can jump from one person it another, thats good to know.
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