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Success Rate
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
People nowadays, measure the success rate of individuals they see, through their abilities to cope up with the flow of the world...

But how does one really define, an individual, who in his/her recent downfall against the courses of life, strive to get back up, to be successful. Not just in life's courses, but also as an individual, alone , trying to know more about his ownself?

- Is his/her abilities the only reason that would calculate his/her success rate into becoming a successful person? Or there exist something beyond it... Just like: Pure Determination?

How far those one have to go, just to prove to the entire world, that we, indivduals alone, are the only one, who holds the answers to the questions about our ownself?

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Re: Success Rate
Post # 2
What, exactly, do you mean by success rate? As in how well people in the world do?
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Re: Success Rate
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Success Rate, as in rating the percentage of an individual to become successful in accordance to their ability to understand the challenges of life, that is offered to them, and their ability to deal with it... Not just the world, but as an individual, living up to the expectations of other people..

Is it really measured through that? Or their exist another reason that would prove it wrong?
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Re: Success Rate
Post # 4
Oh, then I think its different for everyone. Since no ones the same, then nobody would cope the same way. We all have different ways to view/fix things.

Blessed be!
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Re: Success Rate
By: / Novice
Post # 5
hmm, kind of confusing, kind of hard to say. success doesn't matter to me too much, if the persons the most successful person in the world but is a complete jerk, why should we strive to be like them? at the same time, you seem to be compairing success and self worth. success is normally measured in a span of time what one has accompleshed, [ie job, wealth] where as self worth would be more what they have acompleshed as a person [ie charity, friendship]

i feel the self worth of a person is determined by the person, if everyone else thinks they're a failure because they don't have an education, but they feel successful because they help out at a animal hospital [random example] the two are hard to compare. mind you people who think they're the greatest thing ever because they happen to, say, be a cheeleader in highschool, or make more money than someone, they're just egotistical jerks that should be ignored.
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