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Post # 1

So, divination is my topic for today. I totally love divination and I would like to share my input on this with you guys. Over the years, I've tried different forms of divination, such as: tarot, tea-leaf reading, scrying, pendulums, I-ching, bibliomancy; well yes that's pretty much it. That is what I've practiced so far, but what resonates with me the most of all , would be Tarot and scrying. Why ? Probably because I've had the best results with these 2 forms of divination, especially with tarot.

So, I like to do readings for friends and family. Some people though were negative about this and I asked them why, so here's what I got: " I don't like to know about the future because if the cards aren't good then I'll be sad for the whole time and thinking of what can go wrong". Therefore, there are people out there who think tarot shows the future, and whatever it shows, cannot be prevented, but it's 100% going to happen. Um, nuh-uh, in my opinion that's not how the whole thing works. Tarot and divination have more of an advisory role. It's like when you go to the dentist. If you eat too many sweets, you'll have problems with your teeth. It's not a power from above that punishes you. On the contrary, it's a consequence of your actions. So, divination and specifically I'm talking about tarot , can show some potential chances that might come up in the future, and how you can take advantage of them and not let them slip away. Or, it might show you something bad that might come up and possible ways to prevent this from happening. The role of divination is to advise you, for things that will happen in the future, not to show you events that are inevitable, and can't be changed.

Besides let's keep in mind the theory of possibilities;) Now, scrying. Scrying with water seems to work for me pretty good. I don't see events "taking place" , but rather I see symbols and 9 times out of 10, I could decode the symbols and I worked it out. Ok, that's what I had to say. I would like to see your responses, and experiences with divination, or your input on divination as a whole.

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Re: Divination-input
Post # 2
hi ive tried scrying to but didnt seem too work for me because im adhd and i cant concentrate well. i fail when i try to meditate to bcz my midn is always wandering around.i like tarots i have the wider deck and i like the artwork but i havnt connected with this deck a lot. i have tried runes too and i think im more connected with the runes because of my celtic roots. and like you i disagree with the popular belief that the future cant be changed.
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Re: Divination-input
Post # 3
i use a pendulum, runes and tarot cards in my divinations, I find that if the questions are of life changing outcomes the accuracy is about 85-95%, if on other hand the question is about self indulgence the rate drops to appx 70%. I guess the universal source is more interested in life changes. I keep a book of my divination and keep track of the results. I enjoy using the other two types of runes to cross verify each method.
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Re: Divination-input
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well said post aldabella i must say i do agree with the prediction of reading i also don't believe that it just subjects you to that is exactly what is gonna happen. For example I believe everything happens for a reason an for one reason or another you were meant to get that reading or have that reading done now. Now Same with tarot reading it only opens your eyes to what can or could happen but just like in life we have choices an options so i take tarot reading more of a map or a leagued to a unfinished traveled road on this trip we call "everyday life"
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