The Sound of Magic

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The Sound of Magic
Post # 1
We all use magical tools in the craft to aid us in our energy work. There are wands, pendulums, athames, bells? the list is endless and we all discuss them from time to time. However, this post is about a lesser discussed tool?the Singing Bowl. And I?d like to bring to light its many uses.

An ancient ritual object, the use of Singing Bowls originated in the Himalayan region (Tibet and Nepal) . When the singing bowl is played, it emits a reverberating sound that assists in meditation and releases ?AUM??a sacred vedic mantra?into the universe. Traditionally made from seven metals gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead that correspond to the seven planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), a Singing Bowl generates sound energy through vibration.
Apart from assisting meditation the Singing Bowl can be used for several purposes.

Circle casting
To cast a circle, move the wooden stick around the rim of the metal bowl in a clockwise motion. Visualise the sound waves forming a protective circle around the ritual room. You?ll know when to stop. To open the circle use the wooden stick in an anti-clockwise motion.

To sheild yourself or someone else, move the wooden stick around the rim of the Singing Bowl in a clockwise motion. While doing this shut your eyes and visualise the sound waves forming protective rings circling you or someone else, from feet to head in an element of your choice. Personally, I visualise the sound waves transforming into rings of fire.
Clearing the energy in room
Sit bang in the centre of the room and with the intention of clearing energies, move the wooden stick around the rim of the Singing Bowl in an anti-clockwise motion.

Charging and clearing crystals
In crowded urban cities, sometimes its difficult to catch direct sunlight or moonlight from our houses. This is when a Singing Bowl comes to your aid. After cleansing your crystals with rock salt and water, place them inside the bowl. Clear lower energies of the crystal by moving the wooden stick in an anticlockwise motion and charge them by playing the bowl in a clockwie motion. You will actually hear the crystals rattle because of the vibration.

Charging water or ritual wine
Pour water or ritual wine inside the bowl and charge it by playing the bowl in a clockwise motion.

Candy charms
You can charm candies by placing them inside the bowl and reciting an incantation of your choice, while playing the bowl in a clockwise motion.

For better effect in your magical use of the singing bowl, you can draw or pentacle or place a pentacle sticker inside, at the base of the bowl. Some bowls already have the pentacle already carved inside.

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Re: The Sound of Magic
Post # 2
I did not know singing bowls had so many uses. Wonderful post. Thanks for the information magiwoman :)
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