Species Change Spell?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Species Change Spell?

Species Change Spell?
Post # 1
I've seen alot of spells and such that can change you into a vampire, give you a mermaid tail, turn you into a wolf, give you wings, ect. Let's say these spells work (I believe they do but for those who don't, let's pretend). What would happen if you did two or more of these spells? For example, you do a spell that give you a mermaid tail and a spell that lets you transform into a wolf. Would these spells effect each other and cause chaotic events and side effects within your body? Or would they just not effect on another?

Please no responses such as "These spells don't work" or "You can't change into something non-human." I'm saying if these spells work, what whould happen.
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Re: Species Change Spell?
Post # 2
If they were possible... You would probably end up with some chaotic blend if you did more then one. I believe it would be like taking two different opposing forms of medication. It would cause a warring of the two within your body, and possibly your mind.
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Re: Species Change Spell?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
First of all, is a site for real magic, those spells are not going to do anything except have your parents tell you to stop playing and come in and eat dinner or ground you or perhaps seek a mental health professional for you. You are and will remain a simple humble human being like the rest of us. You may open your eyes and your mind and take in the real magic that is available on this site, you may also continue with the make believe magic
and have a nice time role playing until the next fad comes along.
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Re: Species Change Spell?
Post # 4
if it could be done, you would probably become a strange mix that would die within minutes of existing.but it can't happen,so have fun.
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