Different love spell

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Different love spell
Post # 1
Ok ok I know how the population of this sight reacts when you mention a love spell. But I am a generally heartless person when it comes to the frail human emotions and free will. But regardless of how I am I want one of two things. I would like a spell to help reattract an ex lover or attract a new one. (Story time) Earlier this year I was dating a grate girl. I really care about her but she never liked me as much as I liked her. I think I may have even loved her. Then she broke up with me. :( and now iv bean missing her love. Iv even had a few dreams about her recently. I just want help getting her back. (talking didn't work) If no one wants to help me with a spell like that than a spell that makes me more attractive to decent girls would me grateley aprishiated. (btw I suck at spelling) If you at least read this then thanks and blessed be.
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Re: Different love spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Dear Silvershade,
You must understand that casting such a spell, makes that girl do something against her will. But if you want to know; here is the spell.

1. Form a picture of her in your head, try to hear, feel and see her.
2 If you've got a good feeling of her, go outside and collect sticks, leaves and other natural things.
3 Go to a spiritual place such as a chapel, orbyor house, if you've made your it one of them, and create an amulet.
4 Keep thinking of her!
5 If the amulet is finished, carry it with you.
This doesn't mean that you have to sit back and watch. Try to make contact with her, tell her that you lover her etc.

Be blessed
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