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Online Dating
Post # 1
Online dating is a subject I've seen many times, on this website and on others. Some may not see it, but a new online relationship starts all the time. Many of us are guilty of it, and have done it once in our lives. In this era, with all the technology, most, if not all of us have at one point. Some of us are married or engaged to someone they met online. Online dating is a great way for teens to get a sense of dating, before they enter the real world... If they play it safe. Bellow I will put ways of dating safely on the Internet.

1) 'Lets have sex.' When a man/woman is only talking about sex, be warned. A relationship isn't really a relationship if it's only about sex- offline and online relationships alike. A person who only talks about sex could be a pedophile or a pervert. If a person avoids talking about anything but, be warned.

2) 'I want to go out... Now tell me your name" NEVER give out your full name until you KNOW you can trust this person. I'd say after you've been dating for a few months, or until the person has given you their name and you've done your own sort of background check. This can be done by googling their name or by going to a specialty website.?

3) 'I live...' Giving out your exact address is another think you should never do. Many of us already give out their state to everyone, maybe even our cities. If you live in a small town that's near a large, maybe even popular town, say you live NEAR that area, for example I live around the LA area, so when I am faced with telling someone my area I just say that.?

4) 'I love you!' Love is a difficult topic. When you've been dating for a few days or weeks, and your already saying 'I love you' it's not love. When you only talk about sex, it not love. Love is when your heart stops just thinking that the person my be hurt, when nothing they say or do could keep you from them, it's when you hear their name your hear skips a beat, its when you can't sleep because you stay up late thinking about them, well, you got it.?

Online relationships can be amazing and fun. Just play it safe. Don't date just ANYONE you meet. Make sure you've seen pictures of the person. Trust your instincts, because they will guide you.?

Blessed be,
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Re: Online Dating
Post # 2
lol good points, good points. with that said, just be mindful what you say and who you say it to. realationships can be from playtonic and strictly online all the way to nsa with benefits. communications is very important and when dealing with online be sure there is NO MISCOMMUCICATION. dont leave any room for interpretation when starting anything online.
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