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Please help...?
Post # 1
My hubs of 10 yrs and I are seperated..i love him truly and completely..i know he loves me but he is weighed down by financial burdens,work pressures,and family issues. I believe he is having a sort of mid life crisis and "escaping" because he feels he has no control..In my heart I know we are better together..we have been together 13 yrs and I am certain we complete each others life. Are their spells or anything I can do to make him conscience of the fact that we belong together,that what we have is special and needs to be worked on first and foremost for our family to be whole again...I am not looking for a generic love spell to alter his inner free will, but something genuine that will open his mind to what is in front of him and allow him to want to try and work on our marriage..I welcome any thoughts...thank you!!
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Re: Please help...?
Post # 2
Instead of giving you a spell I will give you comfort in the way things are. Your husband clearly has a challenge in his path, and it is up to him to face it alone. This separation may be necessary for him to do that, in order for him to solve his issues. It will hurt you both, but will also strengthen both yourselves and the bond that you carry. Have patience, help when necessary with guidance and allow both you and him to become stronger.
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Re: Please help...?
Post # 3
Hi elzabeth

Sorry to read of your pain. You know the main reason that craft majic works is true belief of the practioner in what they want to achieve. You have to be in the right place in youself to feel the thing you desire. Of course you have also got to have knowledge, have you checked out the FAQS you will learn about certin basics there such as how to go about casting spells etc. Its important to do your home work before you attempt anything. Some folks think the spells on this site are fluffy but I would say have a look at the love spells that require that you use an item or items belonging the one you love. Try not to go for anything too complex as I get the impression that you are new to this. However look for a spell that you think fits your current situation. oh yes they are star rated I would go for a spell rated between 3 - 5.

Blessed Be :-)
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Re: Please help...?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I'm with Makoorakoo. Mid-life crises show up for a reason and it is an inner thing. In the end, when he's worked everything out, he may come back and, who knows? your relationship might be better than it has ever been because of it. But if you bring him back before he's had a chance to work out what is going on inside of him, you may only ruin your chances of regaining your husband and may leave him with unresolved issues that could plague him for years to come. It's best just to be there for him right now. Even if that means letting him be away from you for a while. :-)
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Re: Please help...?
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Google "honey jar spell." To me, it sounds like it might be a good fit for your situation. Best of luck!
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