Love spell is it working?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Love spell is it working?

Love spell is it working?
Post # 1
On the Full Moon I did a love spell I created myself and put alot of energy into it.

Now a week later, my ex still hasnt responded in the way I wanted him to.

Every single one of my love spells has worked so far, so why is this not working yet? Ive been getting plenty of omens though (seeing his name appear in random places) and noticed some positive changes in MY behaviour, so why is the spell still not manifesting and showing positive changes in my ex boyfriends behaviour??

How long will it take? should I do another spell?

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Re: Love spell is it working?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Maybe the spell is working then. Maybe the changes in your behavior will cause him to come back. Maybe your ex has a problem with your behavior, no offense and that's why your seeing changes in yours. It could be because he wants someone with different qualities and behaviors. So, the spell by focusing on you is actually helping him come back to you. This is just a theory.
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Re: Love spell is it working?
Post # 3
Well, I see a few problems with this:

1) You felt the need to cast a love spell. Don't see the point in love spells. Wouldn't you rather have someone that loves you because you're you, rather than because you forced him to? Seems a bit more rewarding.

2) You haven't noticed anything in HIM, but you've noticed plenty in yourself... Are you sure you actually cast the spell you were TRYING to cast, and didn't simply cast what your subconscious felt you needed to cast?

3) Are you sure that your previous 'love' spells were successful and not simply that particular ex wanting to get back in your pants?

4) Are you sure you had the right target?

5) Love spells don't work at all if the person you are targeting actually loves you to begin with, and has simply chosen not to be with you.

6) Assuming the 5 previous are non-applicable here, are you sure you didn't accidentally cast a lust spell, rather than a love spell?
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Re: Love spell is it working?
Post # 4
one week is too little time to complete the spell. One love spell is not enough. You have to cast different spells, first broke his protection,check your work using card readings. Cast ONE love spell. Forget what you have done and let the spell work. Do not wait for results!
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Re: Love spell is it working?
Post # 5
Did it work??
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