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Good Luck Potion
Post # 1
My Dad is currently looking for a new job and I would like to bring some luck to him. I want him to have a job he will love can anyone tell me how to make one?
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Re: Good Luck Potion
Post # 2
Ok Hi i have tried this twice and it has worked ok
first you will need:
four leaf clover
fresh water (not from a tap bottled is fine)
a herb crusher
and the herbs you need are:
white willow and burdock root

ok now bring all your herbs to gether and crush them untill they are really little segmeant them apply them to your fresh water and shake 5 times and say the words:
Finances have run amok,
Creditors I soon must duck.
I cast this spell to find good luck
And hope my life will cease to suck.

its my own spell but it should work. ok now slip the botion into a drink i would choose a herbel tea because otherwise you will be able to taste it but you might be able to get away with it in a normall tea but if your dad is ok with you doing magic then he can just drink

i hope everything works out. MICHAEL :)

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Re: Good Luck Potion
Post # 3
Potion? No, but I can probably cook up something for ya that might do a little better... let's see what i can cook up:

Get yourself the following ingredients:
Aloe Vera, bamboo, catnip, fern

Get them as live plants, if you can. don't take the whole plant, but definitely get a section from each about the length of your hand, from wrist to finger tip (yes, you can get smaller chunks, as long as you have a goodly amount, at least in as much as I described). *Even if you can't get all live plants, get WHOLE LEAVES. Don't get preground powder.*

If you get them ALL as live plants, dry them all together. If you have a gas stove with a pilot light, put them all on a plate together and leave it over the pilot light for as long as you can. The aloe will probably take the longest to dry, since it doesn't come in small stalks usually. If you get some fresh and others already dried, dry each of the live ones separately.

Once you have a bunch of dehydrated plants comes the hard part. At least, hard on your paws. You need a mortar and pestle. And you need to grind each plant into a find grain, then take the fine grain of all the plants, mix it, and grind it into powder. You MUST focus on what you want out of it while grinding, or it will just be a generalized 'luck charm', like a lucky rabbit's foot.

After this is done, go to the store and get some foot deodorizing powder (If your dad already has some, even better, just use that. Foot powder for athlete's foot works perfectly well, also). A large bottle would be best. Carefully pour the powder you made into the foot powder bottle, seal the bottle, and shake the bottle for about 20 minutes. You can take breaks, it just needs to be evenly distributed.

NOTE: You don't HAVE to tell your dad you're doing it, but if he's amenable to magic, doesn't care either way, or knows you've been practicing and simply thinks it's a joke, feel free to tell him.
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