Grounding Technique

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Grounding Technique
Post # 1
Good grounding technique~

Begin by standing barefoot upon the earth, with your feet placed shoulder width apart. Grab the earth with your toes and feel your body anchor into the ground. Keep your body centered and stable, spine straight, hands at your sides, shoulders back and relaxed. Now, inhale into the abdomen without lifting the shoulders and allow roots to grow from the soles of your feet and shoot right down into the earth. Feel the roots grab the earth the same way that do the roots of trees, to keep them standing strong and tall. Start drawing your breath through these roots. See it pass from the root hairs into the bigger roots and, then, into your feet. Feel it coming up your legs and spreading throughout your body. Feel the earth?s nutrients coming to you from the soil. Feel the moisture. Feel the chi (life-force energy).
Now, envision a lotus blossom sitting upon the crown of your head and allow it to open as the light of the Great Central Sun is sending prana (divine breath) right down into the center of that lotus blossom. In this way, you are becoming energized?and grounded?as you drink from the roots as well as from the sun.
A very powerful way to begin each day is to spend a few minutes on the earth doing this sacred, pranic breathing exercise. Many who adopt this as a daily practice have been able to very easily wean themselves off of caffeine. Others have discovered that waking up is no longer a sluggish, tedious, and tiresome process, but a vigorous, scintillating, and effervescent way to begin each new day.
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Re: Grounding Technique
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Thanks for the post. I'll try this in the morning and see how it goes.
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Re: Grounding Technique
Post # 3
Your welcome and I hope it works for you.
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