what are these?

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Forums -> General Info -> what are these?

what are these?
Post # 1
can somebody tell me what these are?

I found them at a house I recently purchased.

Thank you
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Re: what are these?
Post # 2

The first is obviously some kind of plant. The second being a bit of ground covered in crosses, might indicate a burial of something. Not certain though. I personally would not dig up the ground there.

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Re: what are these?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

Can you give some more details as to where you found them on the property and such.

The first one looks like a cut off bottle with a plant growing inside it.

The second one looks like tape marks on a floor or wall.

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Re: what are these?
Post # 4
the plant I found inside a kitchen cabinet shortly after I moved in. I understand that it's a plant, but I wanted to know if it has any significance as a magic spell.

The crosses I found in my backyard, which I recently fenced off and it's not very easy to go over the fence. I cleaned the yard over the weekend and didn't see that there. I don't think the crosses could have formed by chance. So I wanted to know if these too have some sort of magic spell significance.

Thanks all for your help.
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Re: what are these?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5

The plant is probably just an herb that someone was growing and left behind.

The marks in the yard just look like sticks perhaps that someone may have arranged.

Though these items have some magical use or significance they don't seem to be connected and are probably just coincidences. I wouldn't worry about these things too much.

What you can do since this is a recently purchased property is cleanse the space and even put up a protection spell for the house and grounds.

First smudge the house and yard with sage or any other cleansing incense. You can also use holy water to cleanse if you don't want to use smoke. As you walk clockwise through the house and around the yard you can make whatever symbols with the smoke , water, or just your finger while you carry the water or burning incense that you feel necessary. Some examples would be a cross, pentagram, star of David, etc. Personally I first draw a pentagram and make the circle counter clockwise for banishing and then I follow with another pentagram with the circle going clockwise for protection. I make as many of these as I feel necessary while I am cleansing. I specifically make them in each of the four corners of the house and yard as well as one for every room of the house, every faucet, and over each window and door. I will also cleanse all out buildings as well.

Once you have cleansed the space you should put up a protection spell or ward. A spell bottle for the house would be good place to start. This is a glass bottle filled with oatmeal, sea salt, and other protective herbs and items placed in a the middle part of the house. For the yard I suggest a scattering. This is an mixture much like the spell bottle but only contains items that can decompose. Also instead of keeping it sealed in a bottle you scatter it along the property line as well as around the outside of the house and through the yard.

There are many different ways to cleanse and many more different ways to protect your house and property. Be sure to research the topics if you are not familiar with them and pick the best way you feel comfortable with to proceed.

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