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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello Everyone!

My name is Mordechai, but you can call me Mord.

I'm not wiccan, or Pagan, but have been practicing the occult arts for almost 5 years now. I look forward to starting a potential BoS on here, and helping to answer any questions an individuals may have on the art.

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Re: Introduction
Post # 2
hello i am kyle i am looking into summmoning a demon can u help?
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Re: Introduction
Post # 3
i dont have much money to get items or anything of the sort either
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Re: Introduction
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Hello Kyle,

It's nice to meet you! Summoning demons is a nasty business, if I was you I would start by summoning more neutral entities, such as natural spirits. From there, I would gradually move to the dead, then lesser angels / or demons. I would not advise ever working with the more powerful ones, only because we are but specs, worth nothing to them.

I guess I should explain a bit: There are two types of summoning: Invoking and Evoking. Invoking is asking the spirit into your own body, which is more dangerous and can lead to possession. Evoking is the art of bringing it forward through a channel outside of the body.

Overall a summoning spell most commonly has these parts:

Casting a circle, protecting the caster, cleansing the circle, cleansing the caster, creating a separate circle (for the spirit if you are evoking), and a channel for it to come into (again evoking), an opening rite, a connection (mental) or portal, a calling (there may be many), A rite of tongue (so he comes in a form you understand, and speaks in english) a cursing (if he doesn't come), a banishing if he is disobedient, and a respectful closing if he is obedient.

This is the relative parts, and each in their own could be considered a different spell.

This is just a rough overview, and it is not nearly as simple as others would have it. :) If you want some good texts, read the Solomonic Keys (aka: Goetia) or the book linked below. Hope this helped!

**I have issued general information only because this type of practice is HIGH magic. Please start with simpler spellcraft (low magic) before continuing to that more complicated**
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