Is there a ghost

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Is there a ghost

Is there a ghost
Post # 1

Im having problems sleeping at night because there might or might not be a ghost in my closet(I even dreamed it was in there once or twice!)

Or it may be next to the window but Im not sure. Anyway can someone tell me if this is a ghost or something else? Like maybe a fairy?

A month ago I tried summoning something random so thats why Im asking.
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Re: Is there a ghost
Post # 2

First of all you should not try to summon something random -.-

It is probably just your imagination. Dreams are often our subconscious thought being brought to the conscious level. If you think it is a spirit or "bad entity" try doing a smudging.

Just a bit of advice, don't mess with things when you do not know much about them. If you cant tell the difference between one entity and another, I would not recommend summoning anything.

L.L.B xox


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Re: Is there a ghost
Post # 3
most probably.. hang did you say you were messing with the ouija?
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Re: Is there a ghost
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I agree with Angel. don't try summoning random things if you don't know much about them. Its not very smart.

And if there is a ghost, don't lose sleep over it. Chances are it won't hurt you. If it becomes difficult or threatening to you or your family I would suggest doing a cleansing of the room and banish anything evil or negactive
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Re: Is there a ghost
Post # 5
Well, I know I learn alot about what has, is, and will happen in this life from my dreams. So maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something. I once had an entity in my old house that would terrify my young daughter, would mess with the thermostat in my house and had seen with my own eyes things being pushed around the house, which left no doubt in my mind something was there. Not only that but sometimes you can also "feel" a presence there. Anywho, I called a friend over and we did a house cleansing with traditional cleansing supplies (sage, bells, dragons blood, holy water, etc.) and dragon magick. During the ritual the entity knocked over a ritual bag this lady left in the middle of a table in the other room, it was not happy, but it left, and never came back. I really suggest a cleansing. Also, when you summon things, know what your summoning and do it within a closed protective circle, and dismiss the entity before opening and stepping out of it. Hope this helps. PS- dont fear it either, you might just be feeding it the energy it needs.
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Re: Is there a ghost
Post # 6
I would not recommend banishment.. It's kinda very bad.. Try this mantra if possible..
Take some soil in your hands and visualize a Buddhist symbol 'kham'.
Then recite:
Om Amitra teja vate soha/svaha 21x
This is probably enough to send it to heaven.. Banishment is for extreme cases like life threatening or when it does not want to turn over a new leaf.

Back to where I was..
Then just splatter the sand around the 'haunted' area and it should do..
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