25th of December

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25th of December
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Merry meet people.

Many people wonder about the Yule and chrismass and all the religious festivals that take place in the 25th of December. I ve studied and followed many religions in my life.Many religions celebrate the birth of their God in the 25th of december that's because that is said to be the date sun was born (represents the life, light, knowledge). It's not random that Christ is said to be born that day or the birth of the pagan God Nimrodchild Tammuz.. (Also the sun god, the mother goddess (semiramis), and her son mystically turned into trees that's what the tree represents (as it's been refered in the ancient babylon)The lights in the tree represent the worship because in ancient pagan religions they used to burn the tree to worship the God and the christmass balls represent also the sun)Son Invictus a God that was worshiped by the Romans in the early part of the first milenium (also represented the sun) they had a celebration on the 25th of december called Saturnalia. The persian God Mithras and many other Gods were "born this day" .Furthermore the cross and the haloaround the saint's heads represents thecycle of the sun. At this date the sun seems to be in it's low point and it stays stabletill the 25th of december that it starts to gain strenght and it raises further every day after this date that's why this date represents the birth or rebirth of the sun.

The pagan santa clause named odin and people scared of him because he was the one who decided every yearwho would be perish or not.

So the todays Cristmass were celebrated a long time before jesuss and it has pagan origins.

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Re: 25th of December
By: / Adept
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