Theurgy & Thaumatheurgy

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Theurgy & Thaumatheurgy
Post # 1
In what way could Ritual magick, Wiccan and Buddhist magick clash?

For me, it's so odd that in spite of the similarities in these three beliefs they would tend to repel each other. The Wiccan rede, tikune and karma all denote the same thing but their methods clash. I tend to take what works from each then mix them together but I would get weird results (at some times, they work).

Take for instance, in charging a talisman, I clear the area with a Wiccan method then follow it up with the LBRP and somehow the area still won't be cleared of any negative influence (on an added note, it somehow affects the weather in a weird way: after doing these two methods of banishing, clouds would appear blocking the moon's rays off even when the weather reports say it is fair and no signs of a storm or rain are around).

Kinda hard to be new to magick - you don't know and/or can't tell the difference if you're doing the wrong thing, the Universe doesn't approve of your intent or it's just plain misconception/superstition.

Any thoughts on this, people?
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Re: Theurgy & Thaumatheurgy
Post # 2
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Re: Theurgy & Thaumatheurgy
Post # 3
I can't confirm this myself, but I have heard people mention that combining magical techniques that were not designed to work in tandem can have undesired effects. It's very likely that both methods work perfectly, but using them together can cause conflict between the two. Think about the philosophical origins of each spell. Buddhism is all about achieving enlightenment, while wicca is more or less nature worship. Each of these goes about magic a different way. The clouds appearing in front of the moon is probably the universe trying to tell you all this.
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Re: Theurgy & Thaumatheurgy
Post # 4
I personally combine many different teachings of magic for some rituals. It takes a lot of tweaking and aligning to get everything working in good order.
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Re: Theurgy & Thaumatheurgy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Enlightenment needn't be exclusive of nature worship. The Buddha partook of all things and none. It is the middle path.

Otherwise, in terms the original question, cleansing with a Wiccan method or the LBRP by itself should work. The problem does not reside in repeating two methods that achieve the same thing, but in either a continued source of "contamination" or in failure of both attempts.

Generally speaking, various traditions only clash together in terms of dogma, and not so much in actual practice. The goals are often very much the same. A wiccan purification rite may well use herbs or holy water or casting a circle or any combination thereof, which in turn involves energy, chanting (vibration/energy), visualization, etc. The LBRP uses energy, vibration, visualization, symbolism, etc.

They come from different origins, but the goal and results are much the same.


On a further note, I would suggest that the weather is likely random circumstance. Never trust a weatherman or a junky.
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