Make my own Tarot cards?

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Make my own Tarot cards?
Post # 1
What would the cards i need to be to make my own tarot deck?
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Re: Make my own Tarot cards?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

i only made the major arcane its up to you if you make all of them

the website has the meaning, what is commenly found on each card, and example of each card so you can create that into a uniqe card.
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Re: Make my own Tarot cards?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I started painting my own deck and in general, they sell blank cards (on this site and others) or you can paint over playing cards like I did.

I used a website that told me the meanings and I looked at another deck online and combined it into something I could easily recognize to help me remember their meanings. Create your own designs or copy some, whatever you'd like. It's great you're making your own though :)
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Re: Make my own Tarot cards?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Best way to go is to have already one old tarot deck for example and take it from there .It is good idea to start from card 0 (The Fool ) till card 21 (The World ) ,all these cards are known as Major arcanas .Then you can start doing your minor if you still have desire for that .Doing art work on so many cards is time consuming so you do need a lot free time ,desire,passion and determination .However it will pay off because it will be a deck to which you relate so well that it will not leave place for mistakes ,also it will be naturally charged with your intend and energy during the entire process of its creation .You can meditate and see what image comes to your mind for each card and then just draw it down ,or what kind of symbols if you wish .Then you can write a small booklet for the cards ,it is good idea to write down the ideas you had till you were meditation on the images ,so those can go into the booklet .I wish to do my own oracle deck but i am still looking for right Artist since i am not good in drawing so much .Good luck .

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