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Graveyard Dirt
Post # 1
When we are talking about graveyard dirt the first thing you need to know is that the cemetery in which you are gathering is the property of the dead, with this in mind it is a good idea to ask permission from the keepers of the dead. In Voodoo their are 2 families of spirits that are known to frequent the cemetery the Barons who are the spirits of death and the Gedes who are spirits of the dead, if you are not ready for the spirits of voodoo quite yet then a petition to Gran Pays may be done literally meaning "great country", in this you are asking the entire community of the graveyard to give you permission to enter their domain. If you are given welcome to their country then remember the golden rule in spirit work, don't take if you are not prepared to give. Most of these spirits will enjoy an offering of rum, coffee, cigars, and sweets give these after you have politely and clearly stated your intentions in the graveyard.

There are many uses for graveyard dirt, the main being goofer dust, everything from ridding yourself of a person to the other end of the spectrum love me or die types of work. Different graves may also come into play for example one might ask an unknown solider to do their work as they are good at following orders or the grave of a gambler to have more luck. Graveyard dirt is not the only type of dirt that may be used;

DIRT FROM 4 CORNERS -To open up the roads of success. (Correlates with Ellegua,keeper of
the crossroads.)

DIRT FROM THE MOUNTAINS -Used in cleansing spells as well as in communicating with the
spirits that reside specifically in a mountain region.

DIRT FROM THE FOREST -Used in spells of protection.

DIRT FROM 4 JAILS -Used in spells to either release or keep an individual incarcerated.

DIRT FROM 4 POLICE STATIONS -To bring the police to a persons home or business.

DIRT FROM 4 BANKS -For prosperty spells.

DIRT FROM AN INDIAN CEMETERY -For spells of protection. (Can also be used to help summon
your indian guide.)

DIRT FROM 4 CHURCHES -For use in cleansing spells.

DIRT FROM A HOSPITAL -Can be used for both cleansing and harm.

DIRT FROM THE HOME OF A WITCH -Spells of domination and harm.

DIRT FROM THE HOME OF A SANTERO(Priest of Santeria) - In spells of protection.

DIRT FROM THE HOME OF A PALERO(Priest of Palo Mayombe) -In Spells of harm or

DIRT FROM A COURTHOUSE - For victory in court cases.

DIRT FROM 12 NOON -For spells of protection.

DIRT FROM A RACE TRACK - For gambling spells.

DIRT FROM A SEASHORE -For Fertility and Cleansing spells.(Correlates with
Yemaya,Goddess of the seas)

DIRT FROM THE RIVERS EDGE -For Love and marriage spells.(correlates with Oshun,Goddess of love and marriage)

DIRT FROM THE BOTTOM OF (ones own) SHOES -Spells of domination and harm.


DIRT FROM A CASINO -For money spells

DIRT FROM A SOLDIERS GRAVE -Spells of protection and domination. (Also of courage)

DIRT FROM A LAW LIBRARY -For legal matters.

DIRT FROM A LIBRARY - For knowledge and wisdom.

DIRT FROM A DOCTORS OFFICE -For spells of healing.

Sources; Harry M. Hayatt
Judika Illes
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
Post # 2
I'd like to add that even if you don't follow Voodoo, it's still a good idea to offer something to the grave that you are taking the dirt from. Also, I have read from several sources that a strong all purpose graveyard dirt is taken from nine separate graveyards. You should also watch out for graveyard dirt that is sold in occult shops, quite often they try and and give you powdered Mullein or some other substance.
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
The only difference between graveyard dirt and any other, is that graveyard dirt will be richer in nitrates. It is "feeding" the earth from the bodies buried beneath. For Goodness' sake do a bit of research!
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
Post # 4
Rofl XD
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

That is great thread MentisAmor .

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Re: Graveyard Dirt
Post # 6
Thank you Arte it is appreciated and Brysing I am not sure if that comment was directed towards me.
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
My comment was directed to anybody who thinks graveyard dirt has any special power. It doesn't.
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
Post # 8
Well Brysing, that is a personal opinion and like all opinions even mine they are subject to personal experience. I follow a different path than you, I do not claim to know more than you or less, my knowledge is simply different. I put this post up as an example of the things I have learned while working with the spirits of Voodoo and Hoodoo, the information I have is based on years of study in the path that I have chosen to follow and whither you see something that comes from the earth as having its own energy or not that is up to you.
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Re: Graveyard Dirt
Post # 9

A fantastic post, Mentis. I have to add that I think that just becaue a system of knowledge and belief is outside the realm of one's own experience, it doesn't mean it is invalid or untrue.

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Re: Graveyard Dirt
Post # 10
Thanks Mentis! This holds true to a lot of what I've read. More read up on the Louisiana hoodoo rather than voodoo though haha.
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