Hi~! Wiccan/Pagan Teen...

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Hi~! Wiccan/Pagan Teen...
Post # 1
Hi there. My name is DarkSapphira. I am 14 years of age, however, I am not a stupid teenager who only cares about exacting revenge on another person. You see, I'm really looking for help. I've grown about as a Catholic, but it just wasn't working. When I kind of discovered Wicca, I just felt a calling. However, I am still very young, and will not come out of the broom closet yet, so to speak. My parents and siblings are all devout Roman Catholics, so I think I will wait for a bit. I am asking for help on how to show that I am truly a Wiccan, I have read books, and hope to become a true Wiccan when older. As you can tell, I am way to young to join a coven, and my parents wouldn't dare let me join on, they call Pagan's "Devil Worshipper's". I completely disagree, but as of now, I can do nothing. Anyways, how can I really "self-intiate" myself into Wicca? Am I able to do that? Should I wait?


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Re: Hi~! Wiccan/Pagan Tee
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I was trained with guidence from The Rowan Tree Church, but I was a self-initiate before joining them at 17. I am familiar where you are at in your journey, I believe it is more like a dedication for yourself to the divine rather than being a manditory requirement, like licesing, in order to conduct magic .
You have to practice your focus, and enhance your visualizations to strengthen your will and its projection.
It is difficult to start off solitary, but it is doable. Look up some visualization excercises that you would feel comfortable with. Start with a small natural object, a man made item, and one for fun. Study each and close your eyes and recall it in your mind's eye. Then compare what you remember to the object. Once familiar with the objects visualize yourself as an insect crawling over them. The insect exercise was one I used to notice the minute in deatail, and this will help visualization. Hope I helped.
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Re: Hi~! Wiccan/Pagan Teen...
Post # 3

Learn the basics. :) Like your elements, and common herbs. And figure which dieties you want to worship. Also, you may want to make a Book of Shadows. (Best kept hidden if you don't want your family to know you're Wiccan.)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to Mail me! I'll help as best as I can!! :)

Blessed Be!

Pheonixx. =)

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Re: Hi~! Wiccan/Pagan Teen...
Post # 4
Well, starting out, you need to make your family realize how you feel about Catholicism, whether that's merely a marker of something left out or as far as things seeming contradictory. If you feel they may take exception to you not fully immersing yourself in their religion, find passages in the bible where questions are asked of god by his followers. Psalms 10, 44, 74, 77 are good ones. Also, I can not find the reference, but there is a passage in the bible where god specifically says to question him, on the grounds that the questions will lead to answers and those answers will do nothing more than increase faith in him.

As to them thinking pagans are all devil worshipers, there's two simple paths to this. 1) Simply practice as you will, and if they ask, answer with the most bare minimum of possible information. Then, they are forced to think and draw their own conclusions. 2) Actually force them to define what THEY think a pagan is. Then beat them (METAPHORICALLY, not literally) with the definition of pagan... which the dictionary defines as thus "pagan
a person who does not worship the God of the Bible "
I included the flavor text because the Spanish conquistadors were mostly catholic.
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