Past life

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Past life
Post # 1

I am so glad that I came across this website. I have been dealing with a lot of spiritual/emotional issues for almost my entire life. Most of it does come from my previous life which I have unfolded by using the ouija board. Please don't lecure me on ouija boards since I know what the bounderies are but what I am about to say is true.

I'm in a positive relationship with a wonderful partner that I had to go through 8 froggies to get too. I come from a dysfunctical family so I did have father issues hence why I was in bad relationships before! In my previous life, I was female and was with a terrible partner at that time that used and abused me. I had his child back then and this is where I learnt my previous life from!

My "partner" from back then decided to murder me and my 2 year old son because him and I were drug addicts. Whatever happened back then was affecting me now cause I was seeing a pattern with ex lovers running off with my best girlfriend! I am motherless so I was smart in that department since I failed in my previous life and to fullfil that position now is to find true love,which I have!

So right now, I am having a hard time letting go of my past that's in my life because a lot has happened to me and I do suffer from depression and anxiety. The partner that I was with in my previous life,he calls himself:"Diablo" but he's not the type of spirit to harm me. The way he "harms" me is by entering my dreams. He's taking my previous life into the now and making it out that my partner in the now, is going to cheat on me, get a girl knocked up, becoming an drug addict and the last dream I had was him trying to kill me!

The spirit that I have in me still lurks says a Native American guardian that I talk to frequently and he says to "pray to the west and to smudge with sage." Also, he keeps on repeating to "make peace with devil" so anymore ideas on how to heal myself and to actually get rid of this devil on my back? I know it may sound crazy but it's true! I believe it so anymore questions please feel free to ask. Sorry for the bad grammer/spelling!! Haha.
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Re: Past life
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Try putting a protection spell around the place that you sleep. Of shield the place where you sleep. Keep working on the shield until you feel that you've gotten it right.
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Re: Past life
Post # 3
hmm...yes i will give that a try!! although i did put two cedar leaves/stems between my matresses so hopefully your solution will help. :) thanks!
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