Less Studied Paths

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Less Studied Paths
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hello All,
So in this post I'd like to make you all think a little. Which is something that many people prefere not to do. This is why there are less "walked" or studied paths in Magick. This is because there is no site or person that will spoon feed you methods and information about it.

There are many subjects that people will hear a little about and then never look any deeper into because there is no direct information that will let them get a spell and proof within the week, or in some cases even day. So I would like to share a little of my experiences with you all.

I have spent the best part of a year now looking a little deeper into subjects that most people do not look into. The largest part of this site is all about "White Magick" and making things better for everyone. But is there really true knowledge in just studying light? Because without darkness there would be no light. So this is a reason that people should look into the darker side of Magick. Such as Destructive or self gain spells. I never saud that you should use them, just have a quick look into them and note some information down in your book of shadows or what ever it is you use to remember all you learn.

Now many of the Paths or subjects I have looked unto have taken me weeks to find even the slightest bit of information on. Some I have had to ask spirits about and some I have left alone because there really isn't any information (now when I say information I mean non-fluffy information) on them. But after a long time I found information on Necromancy (has very little to do with divination), Alchemy (all three types, most people wouldn't even know there was three types), Shadows, Sigils, Divination, Astrology and a few more.

And in a year of studying I have been council of three diffrent covens on this site and 4 other off site covens. This shows what a little thinking work can do for you. Also it keeps things interesting, not many people look into other things other than what is focused in in this site. So I ask if gaining all this extra knowledge takes a little more effort, is it really worth taking the easy way out?

Thanks for Reading
Be Well, Learn, Live and Grow
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Re: Less Studied Paths
Post # 2
I am completly interested in these topics!
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Re: Less Studied Paths
Post # 3
Excellent point. How can you hope to learn light when you don't bother to learn darkness? The two are intertwined not separate. I think the main reason is fear. Fear that karma will smack them in the face. However Karma is a view and not necessarily fact. Also studying it will do no harm. There are many truths and secrets within the other side of the coin.
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Re: Less Studied Paths
Post # 4
Life is like ying and yang balance is key while we just learn one side. Like is a coin there are two sides. yet we forget the inside and what it effects and what it is effected by.
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Re: Less Studied Paths
Post # 5
The analogy that I came up with what your saying is, "Who killed the person. The gun or the murder?" I believe that most people would say the "gun" (black magick) here in their hearts, even though physically they say the murder. For that reason they don't even bother getting the "gun" (learning about black magick), because they fear by learning it they are invoking it.

Learning how to use something is far different from using it, and even then it depends on how you use it. Forgive me if I'm insulting anyone, but that's just how I feel.
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Re: Less Studied Paths
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
i do study darker magic but i dont see darkness as evil just another part of nature and as a part of nature i see no reason not to tap into its power
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Re: Less Studied Paths
Post # 7
You guys are thinking of one way or another, on one topic. black magick. but do you actually want to know the right way to use the gun? or how about the murderers purpose?
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