Signs of a spell working

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Signs of a spell working
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

I did a spell yesterday evening and last night I dreamed of the results(in detail).

I was wondering if this means the spell was successful? What other signs are to look out for?

Re: Signs of a spell working
Post # 2

Well and don't forget that some spells sometimes take a little time to work and see the final results. But if you did dream of something about your spell that i am sure that is a sign that your spell is working, i read something in on about omens. Omens are symbolic in nature and tend to send out signals or signs of a current spell that has been casted or is working. Even know sometimes its hard to see them when you least expect it.

But if you feel that its working then that is good thing. Keep believing and it will work out.

Blessed Be

Re: Signs of a spell working
Post # 3
Wait a little while longer.

I've had signs shown to me in dreams of my spell working. But I always wait, just in case it was a simple wish fulfillment dream.

Re: Signs of a spell work
Post # 4
you could also get headaces and others results

Re: Signs of a spell working
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Could be omenor the dream just can express your strong desire to achieve the result .But even if the last one is the case that only show up how much determination and will you have put into this spell (always good thing to be done ),so if the spell was related to something which is is possible to obtain probably it is a sign that you did well and it worked .

I found out that when i feel so happy and peaceful after the spellcasting it is a positive sign for good outcome .

Re: Signs of a spell working
Post # 6
I agree with NightMoon. I performed a spell recently and a couple weeks later, had a dream (very vivid) of my doorbell ringing...when I answered, there was a note taped outside my door from one whom I wished to hear from, asking me to call and telling me he missed me...using his full name and handwriting. Truly amazing. It gave me confidence that things were going my way :-)

Re: Signs of a spell working
Post # 7
Sun88Goddess: did you call him?

Re: Signs of a spell working
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

This thread is three years old and SunGoddess has not been on the site since 2012. Let's not resurrect old spells.

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