I am who I am

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I am who I am
Post # 1
hi im not new but i never actual did this so i disided to today.... well my name is Satans_son and no im not his atcual son... its just a view people have of me because there hard core christans... well i pratice dark magic, and element magic... im not evil but i seam that way... i pratice the arts of alchemy and music... lately i have been working music into magic... i already have for alchemy... im currently working on music theroy, Quadrivium, Alchemy, Dark arts, and Theology... I am an advanced Alchemist and i have been a pholosiphor for 8 years... magic comes easy to me so does music, and all of my other studies... if you want to talk some time just message me...
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Re: I am who I am
Post # 2
Welcome to the site, Satans -son! Im sort of new too(I visited the site a year ago but now decided to join in the forums)
I am here because I have a few years of experience with spellcasting and like to hear other peoples opinions on this. At the moment I am going through quite a dilemna: a certain exboyfriend has been turning my life upside-down so I am searching for some answers on this site.

Oh well, thats my story!
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Re: I am who I am
Post # 3
Hello Satans_son I'm very new to this, grew up a Jehovah's witness but then realized it's not for me. I have had visions all my life and thought maybe if I am able to rain I could do spells as well. You stated that you're into alchemy, that is a long lesson.
But it's intriguing that you are using music to grow in magic. How does that work and is it working well? Not sure where all this is going but I'm looking for a way to heal my body, music has been a big part of my life but for it to work for me I had to sing with it, due to a serious injury singing is not possible. Is there a certain type of music to listen to? Well look at me gab on, guess this should be enough for now> I would like to know more if you would be so kind.
Thank you so much
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Re: I am who I am
Post # 4
bren i would suggest adding mint to water and lission to some mozart or batoven apocalyptica bond (youll readlly have to look for them) Escala and david garrett
sit down and relax
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