Over Active Third Eye?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Over Active Third Eye?

Over Active Third Eye?
Post # 1
It seems my Third Eye chakra, (or at least the area directly near it) has been giving me a painful headache and a strange, tugging, pressuring feeling around it, as if its concentrating some sort of energy or pressure towards it, right now to the point of numbness in feeling of that chakra. I've heard somewhere about over active chakras, yet my memory is horrible for good reason, but what should I do?
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Re: Over Active Third Eye?
Post # 2
Be calm, and still. Meditate and Aura cleanse. Focus that stray energy away from your body and into the world around you. You should feel better shortly after.
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Re: Over Active Third Eye?
Post # 3

I am going to try and help you as much as I can. The main suggestion i would do is try to relax, you need to relax your body and your mind. And do a daily meditation for about 15 to 20 minutes or how ever long you feel like doing it. I someitmes used stones to help with certain energies such as related to the chakras, the reason your third eye could be over active is because the use of too much energy and that ends up with left over energy or sometimes know as access energy.

What i do is mainly ground my self releasing any kind of energy that is unwanted into the roots of the earth. There are simple meditation exercises that can help you do this. Its not too hard to do. One would simply meditate on imagining themselves seeing the flow energy from 3rd eye or (6th chakra) flowing from the top all the way straight down from their feet flowing into the ground and into the roots of earth. Giving some energy back to mother earth This known as grounding.

There are 2 other stones you can charge and use them to help release some of the energy from your chakra to help relax it more. And not be as painful as headaches. One stone is known as the Lapus Lazuli it is said to aide in psychic abliites as well as work with the 3rd eye. It great for healing also. The next stone is the Azurite stone, amythest stone also works with psychic abilities. It helps stimulates it. I hope some of this helps you out.

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Re: Over Active Third Eye?
Post # 4
Well, its wonderful then that i'm a rock collector with some amethyst just in handy for my third eye, and i'll try that grounding as well. Thank you for the information.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Over Active Third Eye?
Post # 5
Pain in that region does not necessarily mean it is overactive, but it could be. I would suggest doing a chakra balancing as often as you can if it worries you. One good thing for headaches in this area is lavender oil. When rubbed into temples and center of forehead in a counterclockwise motion it helps to break down a headache.

Love, light and blessings :)
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