I am new help PLEASE!

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Forums -> Welcome -> I am new help PLEASE!

I am new help PLEASE!
Post # 1
I am new to the consept of paganism and witchcraft so if you could help me out and show me the basics that would be great! Thank-you!

lalalalalala ~Saffron
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Re: I am new help PLEASE!
Post # 2

Happy Meetings Saffron

Go onto the FAQS to get more than a good basic understanding, you will also find the members forum a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Infact check out the post by "Awake To Long". Posted last weekend, its awsome.

Happy journey
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Re: I am new help PLEASE!
Post # 3
Actually there is so much to learning the basic's of magic but the most important beginning to learning the Basic's is Learning Meditation. Meditation is the Key to preforming true Magick..
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No Subject
Post # 4
Hi saffron i remember when i was just like you-new and eager to learn not that im any different now, lol. im not the right person to teach you since my knowledge now is still not enough but i will give you some advice.
1) if you are here because you want to do some spells that could change your life, forget it! magic is not to be played with, it is a scared art from ancient times, something that has been going on since before your parents met and concieved you so don't ever EVER take it for granted.
2) i suggest that first decide if this is your path, if you really want to use the magick lying dormant inside of you. find lots of books to read on magic then slowly and gradually find your path.
3) when you are freaked out by all the information- trust me you will- stop! take some time off to regroup. personally i just look deep in myself and ask myself if i want to continue.
4)when you ve found your path tell me and i will tell you where to go from there.
Another thing do not take only one persons word as law, find more on the subject you are searching for, gather more books and find the one that your heart agrees with- read with your heart not your head.
Good luck!
blessed be.
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Re: I am new help PLEASE!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
two things you can do is, check the articles, there are plenty i still use them even after all my years in the craft because there is so much to learn. the other route is picking up a book, i suggest Raymond Bucklands Wicca for Life, though any Buckland book is a good one imo. if you want, you could pick up any book on it, just be careful, there's no real filter on 'new age' books, so some people can make stuff up and get it published, Buckland trained under Gerald Gardener, that's why i say start with him because he one of the closest things to an 'expert'. what i will tell you though is keep away from Silver Ravenwolf, at least after your year and a day, i've got nothing extremely wrong with her, just for people starting out, it's not a good idea your first book is by her, though i heard 'Solitary Witch' and 'To Ride a Silver Broomstick' are good. anyway, nice meeting you, blessed be.
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