Astral Projection:

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Astral Projection:
By: / Beginner
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Alright, I know there was a similar question about this a couple months ago but I need more info on it then what was on the forums. I was up late last night in the living room and was about to go to sleep. Then, as I was headed towards the hallway my dog was walking into the living room. I went up to him and gave him his que to come here but he just looked at me like he didn't here me and walked all the way to the dining room table. It was odd now that I remember that he didn't have a collar on. I was going to go head him off in the kitchen because I knew he would wake my Mom up but, something told me to go look for him in my Mom's room. So when I went in there and opened the door, he was sleeping and I realized how solid he looked compared to when he was in the in the living room. His coloring was also more real when I came up to him and the second part I'm not sure if it was a dream or not but, I was in bed and I opened my eyes. I saw him standing on the bed but I also saw my dog sleeping in his dog bed on the floor. All I know is I checked out the angle from where I was and where he was but, he looked exactly like he did when he was astral projecting and my dreams are never that real. There's always something off about then. Even in real places my dreams are never completely correct in the scenery. Was my dog astral projecting? And was I during the second time I saw him?
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