Probably cursed?

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Probably cursed?
Post # 1
i have no idea if im cursed but, i do know is that my ex used to mess with magic mainly curses and love spells, and recently i have been noticing lately that alot of girls i look at no matter what i do they have the same face as my ex. Is there a way to break this curse or no?
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Re: Probably cursed?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Combine Dill leaves, Blessed salt , Angelica root, Patchouli essential oil , Rose otto, and Lemon essential oil , in a base oil ( or just buy "Love Uncrossing" oil )
make bath salts with this oil, and get a large offertory wihite candle.
Start on druing wanning Moon, dress white candle with this oil, bathe in mentioned salt ( You've made using the given oil ), then light the candle and say Your words of power for uncrossing ( for example Psalm 37th or 91stN ). Do that for nine or 13 consequitve nights, and as the Moon wannes so will the possible spell

If need be You may try Cut and Clear type of spellwork, which is more drastic ( depends on how much contact in future You may want with this person )

Try washing Your head with Florida water or Infusion of Dill leafs and patchouli or Rose petals as well

Good luck
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Re: Probably cursed?
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Awesome advice, bored_spirit.

You may also be interested in a posting from a while back that i commented on. Scroll down to see my remarks:
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Re: Probably cursed?
Post # 4
Is there anything else i could try? I would do that if i could but the problem is that im currently living on a government facility and we are only allowed to have certain stuff for reasons... Sorry if this makes it impossible to do.
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Re: Probably cursed?
Post # 5
Try a simple salt scrub. Scrub yourself from your head down to your toes in salt. Allow the water to wash away all the "unclean energy". This helps a lot more then people realize.

Love, light and blessings :)
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