Help with meditation?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Help with meditation?

Help with meditation?
Post # 1
I don't seem to be able to stay focused during meditation. Does anyone have any pointers? breathing techniques? Thanks.
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Re: Help with meditation?
Post # 2
Hi, I also have trouble staying focused when meditating and was given the following advice: try to meditate for just a few minutes at first, gradually increasing the time, bit by bit. I try and apply this when I'm meditating, however I must confess, it's very hard! I think I lack the patience lol. I know it's not much but hope this helps.
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Re: Help with meditation?
Post # 3
For myself when meditating I like to play Mozart or Beethoven exceptionally quiet, light a candle for peace and then start counting my breathes, slowly I will feel myself sinking into meditation. It does not always happen right away, for some it can take hours just to get to the first stages of meditation. When going into meditation you have to be devoted to what you are trying to accomplish from it, if you are not devoted your mind will "want" to wander. But the manner in which you do it will be different for everyone.
I have just one breathing technique that works for myself, that would be to think of your aura all around you as your laying or sitting whatever position you are most comfortable in, then breath it in slowly so that you are absorbing your own good energy and then exhale slowly removing the bad. You are concentrating on your breathing though, what you are doing with your energy would be self consciously in the back of your mind.
I hope this helps as an aid, as i said before, techniques into meditation will be different for everyone.
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Re: Help with meditation?
Post # 4
First of all, Focus on your thoughts. Don't try to stop em

After awhile (3/4 meditations)

your thinking has cleared a little, now focus on one thing till ya can hold the image of it in your head for ten minutes

Then Try emptying, keep going till you can hold silence for ten minutes.

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Re: Help with meditation?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I don't know if this will help with focus, but you might try going to www.Last.FM and listen to something like: Dark Ambient or White Noise or Meditation
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