Reiki months later

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Reiki months later
Post # 1
In another thread I describe to the best of my ability the experience of my Reiki attuning. For me, I was attuned free of charge due to the Reiki master being my father's girlfriend. In this I will address some items revolving around Reiki. I am not a Reiki master, only the first level, so my knowledge only exceeds so far. With my next attuning will come more knowledge.

Reiki didn't work for me:
Reiki is a Universal energy that is channeled through one being to another. I say being because animals can do it as well. How you view the world is how your reality warps to fit your idea. If you are having a bad day, a pretty sunset that normally would have made you stop and sigh doesn't get a glance. If you go into a Reiki session telling yourself, "it will not work it will not work." you block the energy and force it to not work. Reiki will come to those who are open minded and come into the first session thinking, "let's give this a try and see where it goes."
Reiki is healing:
The energy balances out imbalances. You, yourself, are not a healer. The Universe is the healer, you are a channel. When giving a healing session, the channeler also receives a healing, as the energy passes through the channel to the receiving. The receiving can be another human, animal, plant, car... anything. I often Reiki my food/water, room and self every day to balance.
Reiki attuning causes sickness:
Long before my attuning I was acquainted with the energy. Without the attuning, I still used the energy. When a friend of mine had a stomachache. A voice told me to put my hand on his stomach. I did, and 15 minutes later his stomachache was gone. Having already adjusted my body to process the energy, even on a small level without being attuned, it prepped me for the actual attuning. Prior I was told as the body adjusts to house the new energy, it causes a natural detox. This includes fluid release, I think you can picture this without me getting into detail with the words "from all holes" respectively. The thing is, you do not feel sick. Though you are releasing the toxins, you do not have energy decrease. The only detox I experienced, as I was already familiar with the energy, was increased urination and certain food consumption. Each person will react differently, as all bodies differ.
Reiki is a hoax:
In my other Reiki thread, I describe what happened during my attuning. I did not make up any of it and you may believe me or not, I do not force it upon anyone. That does not mean all Reiki attunings will be as mine. My Reiki master told me my attuning was the strongest she has ever given, out of say 20 give or take. I believe the water enhanced the experience, as water is truly where we all came from. I recommend if getting attuned to pick a sacred spot, to you. For me it was the river. I saw things I have no explanation for. I can see things now that I could not see before. When I gave my first session to my master, I could see her aura, even when my eyes were closed. Your mindset reflects how you view the world. As earlier, if you state it will not work, it will not work. If you go in with an open mind, I await to hear of your experience. If it were a hoax, the people charging for sessions, the Reiki schools, the countless accounts of Reiki... Do a little research for yourself. There is endless accounts and videos. However, Reiki is not a medical substitute as it is not recognized as a medical need. It can be given with medical treatment, but is not made to replace, as it only heals to the point where the body can heal from that point on. Reiki will Not prevent death if it is that being's time to go. It will aid in passing but nothing can keep a soul that has other places to be from going other than the souls will.
If its Universal energy, why does it cost money?
We all need to get by somehow. For me, as a lower level, I do not charge. You are paying me basically, with experience of using Reiki on other humans. I Reiki my pets, homes, garden etc daily though I haven't worked on a stranger yet. When I progress to master I will charge, though keep a rule my master has. If you honestly need it and cannot afford it, bartering is another means.
Where is more in-depth coverage of Reiki?
Usui Reiki, Contemporary and Traditional level One Manual by Peggy Jentoft
Is of my highest recommendation. This is the manual referred to me by my teacher. This can be read for free online. I advise not to read past level one, as other levels deal with a higher frequency of energy and other things like Reiki over time and space. Without knowing the energy, it is like how my father used to tell me. I can tell you all I know about New York, but unless you have been there, you won't ever know.
How does Reiki affect my personality?
I have noticed a dramatic change in my personality. As earlier, all experiences will vary. I noticed that where I would find myself looking for what to say does not happen as much. Words flow from my mouth and hands exactly how I want them to come out, with less error and uh err umm moments. I do not let petty things like loosing the car keys upset me when running late. Or when people shoot me looks for dressing the way I do. When upset, I think, a year from now, Will It Matter? If no, I toss it away. My mantra is, "The sun rose and set before this/you and it will rise and set again."

Thank you for taking the time to read my snidbit. I shall add more threads when I advance to level two.
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Re: Reiki months later
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences and opinions .Reiki is something in which i always have been inrerested .Thousand blessings .

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Re: Reiki months later
Post # 3
Interesting. Perhaps this should be in 'Misc Topics' or 'General Info.'
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Re: Reiki months later
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Comments.
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Re: Reiki months later
Post # 5
My apologies for misplacement, I started a new thread off of my other Reiki post. I was under the impression it would be in the same category as my other post. Thank you for reading, I hope this aided in any way.
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