the hanged man

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> the hanged man

the hanged man
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Symbology of the hanged man

Legs- often described as being at a cross roads, one leg grounded, the other meaning our tangled thoughts.

Head- the head is hanging in suspension, this relates to our mind (meaning manas in Hindu) the mind is our sub consciousness and if prolonged Samadhi can be attained, thus connecting us to our highterselfs.

Ropes- are the ties that bind us, this is our own workings, like the webs we weave, the struggles we hold.

12-there are twelve signs in the zodiac and it is also in conjunction with the planets , given these facts it brings a sense of completeness it also connects to the twelve Hebrew letters of the alphabet.

Trees- each tree reversed symbols the letter Tau, which refers to the universe as the dance of life so hence the hanged man is in complete suspension.

Keywords of the hanged man

Submission-shows a state of consciousness when we allow ourselves to let go we are able to connect to the universe

Rest- a time to reflect on the choices we have made, and to take a time out of our routine.

Sacrifice-sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads and things seem to stand still this may be a time to change or to put on hold things for the greater good.

Suspension-to stand by and allow things to happen, allow your mind to relax and to see the bigger picture.

Enlightenment-to allow ourselves to see higher then we thought possible.

Vision - to look at things with a positive outcome and to see our goals materialising before our eyes.

Acceptance-sometimes we need to face things and to accept things as they are before we can move on.

Contemplation- a time to think of a new direction we would contemplate our next route to venture.

Inner harmony- once we allow our minds to be set free and we connect to the universe we can find inner peace within ourselves so we can make better clearer choices.

The reversal/blockage of the hanged man

The Hebrew name for this card is: mem which means water

Qaballah: is the stable one

Astrology: is Neptune

And the twelfth key in the tarot: meaning: 1 self consciousness and 2: being the sub consciousness.

So putting all these facts into a reading I would ask the client, what are they not letting go of, would this matter be stopping them from seeing the bigger picture and in order to change this they would need to stop and evaluate the way that they are looking at this matter.

Pulling the qaballah in to it, I would say do they feel stable with the way things are at this time, this would also pull in the emotions so maybe an unstable relationship.

Maybe the client feels tense within themselves so reminding them to have faith and trust and allowing this they would free themselves from the bonds they feel they have created for themselves.

On finances I would suggest maybe relaxing the purse strings a little, in order to give a little u may gain a lot back

Creative visual of the hanged man

The world seems different from this angel as I suspend myself from this tree next t the hanged man I can feel the inner peace he is giving of from himself, with his hands behind his back he feels completely at ease, the clouds look like little shapes so it easy to allow your mind to wonder from this position the ground looks so far away like tiny specks, the grass looks like feathers dancing in the wind, the flowers are in full bloom and look like fairy wings.

I hear him humming in tune with the birds, even though am suspended and dangerling from a tree I feel no fear of falling, just complete relaxation like I am a breeze in the wind.
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Re: the hanged man
Post # 2
I recently went through my hanged man year. After I was finished I had a newly found love and fondness for the card. In addition to many other things it is a less traumatic and more enlightening version of the tower card. or at least that's the only way i can verbally explain what i went through that year.
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