Zombie? Vampire?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Zombie? Vampire?

Zombie? Vampire?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
In the place that I live. The Chinese believe that if someone pass away and if a Cat/Black Cat jump over it, the body will rise and start to move unless it catch someone. I'm scare that I didn't made it clear enough so I'm gonna try to make it simple. Simple Version: Someone Died ---> Cat/Black Cat Jump Over ---> The Dead Begin To Rise And Move ---> Won't Stop Moving/Walking Unless That Dead Person Catches Someone And Go Back To Dead Unmove Mode. I want to know what do you guys think of... Sorry if I made it too confusing.

Blessed Be - Peace & Smile
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Re: Zombie? Vampire?
Post # 2
Well, that would be highly impossible to happen within magick, but then again I believe anything could happen, so perhaps once a long time ago there was a black cat enchanted with a spell to raise the dead. But i'm sure every black cat in China wont have that spell to them, I believe your safe to ignore the folklore.
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Re: Zombie? Vampire?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
What I'm thinking is. If for science, it's to be said that animal like cat have very high electrostatic around them. So maybe it works like magnet. The cat attract the body like a magnet.
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Re: Zombie? Vampire?
Post # 4
The cat's electrostatic field might be one reason why they were popular among magic users at one time. I think this superstition originates from necromancers, perhaps their animal assistants were considered signs of their presence. Why is it that superstitions about cats (though this is only the second one I've heard) refer specifically to black cats? Did magic users prefer them over other cats, and if so, why?
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Re: Zombie? Vampire?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
cool superstition, i love those kind of things, but don't worry, it won't happen... unless it's 2012... and the starts have aligned... during a full moon O_o

lol, joking. you don't have to worry,just think 'is it naturally possible?' that's what i do.
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