Love spell

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Love spell
Post # 1
I created this spell recently for two friends that will be getting married soon. I look forward to framing it and presenting it as a gift to them when we are slightly more worn but still dignified.

Love spell - for VI The Lovers

either sand,fabric or ribbons in shades of red pink and white
red pink and white candles (colored tea lights are cheap)
A picture of the two lovers together
A Lovers Tarot card
Rose petals

This spell should be cast in two circles of pinks reds and whites. For the outer circle I find colored sand to be very useful but ribbons or fabrics can be used as well.

For the inner circle alternating white pink and red candles can be used.

The lovers should stand in the inner circle of candles. The caster(s) then lights the candles. Please allow for the inner circle to be large enough so that the flames from the candles do not pose a danger to the lovers.

The caster(s) circles the couple along the perimeter of the outer circle and recites,

"Daughter of Eve and Adam's son,
Once again wish two to be one,

Face to face, and hand in hand,
Life's true love do they demand,

To an endless song they dance,
Found have they a pure romance,

With love's magic are they enchanted,
By each other their wish be granted,

Until death's scythe cuts mercifully down,
In each the others love resound."

The two lovers then use the honey to stick their pictures to the Lovers Tarot Card back to back and place it in the sealed container. Fill the container with rose petals. The container should be buried somewhere it will remain undisturbed.

Of all the spells I created so far this is my best. I would appreciate feedback.

I am aware the wording makes it so that it works for only heterosexual couples but I'm sure it can be altered for other couples.

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Re: Love spell
Post # 2
I wouldn't recconend using that particular tarot card. It doesn't symbolize what you think it does.
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Re: Love spell
Post # 3
VI The Lovers is a very complex card that can mean different things to different people. I also know historically it represents Choice and having to come to a decision.

It has been my personal experience when interacting with my peer group and generations younger than mine that people's general reaction to that card is "Love". I think modern pop culture has contributed to strongly associating VI The Lovers as being symbolic of Love and that's why I chose it for this spell.

I also think my spell can be altered by any caster to better suit their beliefs.
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Re: Love spell
Post # 4
Will it work if you don't have a photo of them together. Just separate photos?
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