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Post # 1

A defining trait of my practice, one i feel is very important if not the whole point of my practice. It is the expansion of the mind, the emotions, the self as a whole and the human experience as a whole. I hold it to be true that the mind is the base of experience, that which processes reality. Without the mind to relay sensory information there would be nothing. To expand the mind is to expand the means by which you experience reality.

Reality is a sea of chaos, until given form, infinite possibilities. Order is when a drop of this sea is isolated by the act of seeing. Perception is the fog on our glasses, that which gives reality color. Perception is a lens that filters the human experience, and perception can be changed. To change your perception is to experience a new way of interpreting what is seen. The multiple ways one can see things is due to infinite possibilities in the sea of chaos.

Many become fixed into one way of seeing things, this is due to plenty of reasons. The most common reason that i see is because we assume what the general masses see is what "is". What the general masses see is solidified by science, and it is not wrong but it is not the only way to see things. Science has yet to acknowledge many things that are experienced.

The consensual reality provides a stable foundation. This foundation gives us something to return to when we will ourselves to see differently. Without it i believe there would be mental unstability, everyone drifting about the sea of chaos.

This is something i wrote a while back and decided to type up. I didn't post it to start a debate on whether or not it is true, it is simply here for my own amusement and if you by chance find it insightful then great!
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Re: Expansion
Post # 2
It is insightful. Though, I personally believe that chaos isn't in the bigger parts, but the smaller parts. It can be in both and order is what's in between. What's for sure though (once again in my mind set) is that the universe is a combination of order and chaos.
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Re: Expansion
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
@darkighthope: very true. I agree with that the universe is both order and chaos.
@Sativa: I practice mind expansion my self. It's one method I use for my Empathic abilities which I'm natural at. And in practicing expansion I've also learned that the same method can be applied to do other things such as reading minds, seeing where people are, becoming one with nature. Just to name a few.
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Re: Expansion
Post # 4
Thank you Archanis.
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