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I am leaving permanently. No one should have to deal with this many lies, harassment, or threats from members or leaders. If I hated you or had a problem with you, I told you to your face several times. I have logs of everything I have said, and everything people have said to me. Just so you all know, there are people here that are telling lies about the majority of you, most of the time. Be careful who you trust with your information, and be careful of who you believe. This goes for everything and everyone in life. I have been called a spy, been told I stole information, been told I did things when I was not even online. I have supposedly been in love with people, even though I am not interested in having a relationship with anyone after going through a divorce and having the love of my life kill herself over depression while I was ill. I have supposedly shared information (that I was never given in the first place). I was informed today that I was supposedly trying to take the site, that I have tried to take every coven as priestess. You wonder why I do not trust people, or why I get angry easy, this is why!!! I hope that one day all the liars and gossipers are gone, that people start truly being accepting of others views and beliefs, but I cannot see that happening. This site has become a waste land. A place where all people do is gossip, flirt, and try to start fights. It is pretty sad when you have to knock off 26 people from one of your facebook accounts because you are shown proof that they are spreading lies about you. Do not bother posting after this, not only am I leaving the second I post it, but it will probably be deleted when an editor or mod finds it. Love, light and blessings to those of you that are not really just worthless trash

Re: Gone
Post # 2
By the way, to those of you that have been spreading lies, I will be posting a surprise for you on a new account every week from my logs.... hope you like it :)

Re: Gone
Post # 3
they will

Re: Gone
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I'm uncertain who this is or what prompted it but I would hazard to point out that this is exactly the sort of behavior that you are speaking out against.

Please refrain from it. I've left the post here, for my part, to point out just that. But I will lock it.

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