Dream or Astral Travel

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Dream or Astral Travel
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I've been having these occurring dreams which involve something of a physic proportion several of them have been something to do with standing in a white room and on this white table a bowl and a plate and I would put my finger of my right hand to my right temple on my forehead and i would focus on that object and as i moved my finger ever so slightly the object itself would move and as i would focus my eyes in and out words the object would move outwards or backwards and for my other dreams or occurrences i would make something turn into something else such as a piece of paper i could focus in my hand and a they would turn into a thing of flowers and as for others i would take something that's broken and be able to fix it with just by touch and thinking and things would appear or telleport from one place to another... I have many dreams of this that are alike but always different. I feel as if I'm being taught how to do these things and what frequencies and feeling that i should use for when if maybe some day that I'm able to do this in the physical world that i would know what to do and how to control these powers... So what do you guys think about this... and please don't say fluffy it really does irk me some yes i know there's tv out there yeah... but we all watch tv... and that doesn't mean that this is all made up just because you saw something like it out of a tv show or something related to it ... in all reality of it is that we could say were all fluffys every time we post on the forums... -_-*
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