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First Experience
Post # 1
It's been almost a year since I first tried but I have my almost first one today :D You always feel so amazing afterwards!

I was lying there and I could hear a buzz in my ear but I was almost asleep then suddenly this thought came in even though I was almost asleep of when I was at this camp and I went on this zipwire, I wondered what it'd be like if i'd jumped without the rope and imagined my weight on the bars. Suddenly I remembered my body on the bed and even though I could feel my numb hand on the bed I could also feel another pair of arms stretched outwards above me (this is as I jumped). I was obviously pulling on the zipwire bar in my mind so I felt my weight beneath it which I thought was strange. Suddenly I felt another body (astral body) begin to sit up slowly not on purpose and I could feel lots of wind gathering in my ear and it felt as if my ear was going to pop or explode. I kept pulling on the bar but my other body (astral body) kept falling back and lifting up again. Then I got nervous because of the wind feeling in my ears so I opened my eyes and I couldn't get the feeling again. During the experience I was blind. I only remembered afterwards that I was trying to hard afterwards instead of relaxing. So that was my problem.

Is the wind in the ear thing usual?
Tell me some of your experiences?
Are you supposed to be blind until you completely get out?
And what do you think?
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Re: First Experience
Post # 2
My first astral projection was somewhat similar. I was trying for about two hours and fell asleep. In my dream, something scared me so I woke. When I woke up, I was outside my body. My whole body had a pins and needles sensation. It tingled. I slowley started to sink back into my body. I was trying to resist but that just made it worse.
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Re: First Experience
Post # 3
My first was an accident, I was just floating around the room trying to figure out how to maneuver. When I saw my body, I freaked and rushed back in because I thought I ran the risk of someone else using it.
The next few times I did it on purpose and got the hang of flying. Also, went off to visit some friends I hadn't seen for a long time.
Never heard the air buzzing, must be unique to you :D
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Re: First Experience
Post # 4
Thanks for all of your responses I am glad to see that some of you have had similar experiences. Have none of you experience the ear feeling like it's going to explode or filling up with air sensation ? :S
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