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Forums -> Magic Items -> Pendulums?

Post # 1
Hmm, i've heard all my magickal life about pendulums, but what EXACTLY are they used for? as heard by a comment on a thread of the same title, a pendulum can be used to speak to one's guardian angel. Does this mean the pendulum resides not in black magick but as a neutral tool? I've also ead that once created a pendulum has its own spirit or entity which gives the pendulum its power, or does the power come from our own energy and influences? If so then pendulums are useless arn't they? If we don't know where to find an object, how would our energy know? (I'm sorry for so many questions) but finally, how can one communicate with their guardian angel with a pendulum? Or any spirit for that matter? (It'll be troubling to answer all of these questions, I apologize in advance.)
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Re: Pendulums?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Pendulums can to used to find lost items, to find people, to answer question you ask, and to communicate with your Guardian Angel/Spirit. I really don't know where you come up with thinking that pendulums are black magick but I would say they are not since I'm considering it now. I'd say they are neutral because it's a magickal item the Athame. It's neither positive nor negative naturally. It's how you use it that makes it "evil" (black magick) or not. But I personally don't see any way you can use it in a black magick practice. The pendulum gets it's energies from us. But that does not necessarily mean it's pointless to use them. I find they are fun to goof off using, great and very accurate finding lost items and looking for people. But my suspicion was that when asking questions they could be wrong and from my post (most likely the one of the same name you read) I'm not the only one who thinks that pendulums could be wrong. As for a spirt in the pendulum I don't know. I know that if the pendulum has a crystal on it that's you're connected to then it will have a spirit because the crystal is actually what has the spirit. (I don't know much about crystal spirits). Now to call out to the Guardian Angel/Spirt ask for permission to speak to the Guardian. If you get a positive response start asking questions. Just don't ask silly questions. And when you're done give thanks to the Guardian. But if you get a negative response just try again later. And I would as for any other spirit do the same as with the Guardian or at least some thing similar.
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Re: Pendulums?
Post # 3
They can be used for map dowsing. If you lose something, get a map of the place and slowley move the pendulum over the map. When you feel it tingle, vibrate, or act strangely, that's where the object is, they can also be used to talk with spirits. First, do a ritual to invite a spirit. Then, get something with all 26 letters on it. Move the pendulum over. Each time it tingled, that's a letter if the message. It's a really slow process by the way.
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Re: Pendulums?
Post # 4
Thank you both for this wonderful piece of information, this has answered a lot of questions.
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