Lost and confused

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Lost and confused

Lost and confused
Post # 1
I can't astral project on my owne. I'm forced to use guided meditation. I don't know why but when I try sometimes I fall into an odd state. I fall asleep (I think) and start dreaming. But they sent typical dreams even for me. Then they become so real, in it I'll wake up from a dream (a bit like inception) but I'm still in the big dream. I start about with normal activities but with time lapses whare I black out. That's not even the strangeist part yet. I always end up runing from something in some part of it and I feel everything; everey sensation, and smell everey smell, hear everey sound and it's as if I'm in perfect harmony with everything (and still dreaming) and I lose all feeling in my real body and look dead. Then when I finally wake up my body feels sore like I just ran a race full speed. Can any one explain this? If so plz do.
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Re: Lost and confused
By: / Novice
Post # 2
hmm, it sounds like astral projection from what you experienced, but since you know you were asleep, it sounds like a combination of an epic and a false wakening dream. feeling soar though... not too sure, you could have been moving around, some people having nightmares or night-terrors move around sometimes.i'll try and interpret what i can.

time lapses, fear of not being able to cope with pressures of life. if the time lapses are speeding time up, it's a fear of aging typically.

blackouts usually indicate lack of insight and perspective on a situation, feelings of frustrated or experiencing failure of work. or it symbolizes ignorance, evil, death, or fear of the unknown.

chasing dreams are very common, and again, it symbolizes fear, stemming from your waking life. the person pursuing you might be an aspect of yourself you refuse to accept. a more direct interpretation is you fear being attacked. depending on the gap you will determine if you can escape the problem, or it won't go away without facing it.

your loss of feeling means fear is taking over, typically it's fear of failure.

the sensations, to hear the birds represents joy, love, harmony, happiness. flowers, i don't know about spelling them, but seeing flowers in bloom means either kindness, compassion and beauty. or potential. the colour and species are also important.
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Re: Lost and confused
Post # 3
Thanks. (sry for the delayed reply. Iv had a lit going on from familie stuff to a recent departure of a loved one) in any case I was busy. But thank you for helpin.
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