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I was inspired to write this after someone asked how they can hide the fact they are a witch from their parents. Even though the occult is more widely accepted then ever before, there are times we must hide what we are, like our ancestors did. Here are a few suggestions that may help you if you must conceal your path.

Stow and go altar: I used to use a tote for mine when I was moving around a lot. I would fill the inside of a dark tote (flat topped) with candles (red, white, blue, green) a cup(chalice) a pocketknife (athame), a pentacle (usually clay), a wand, whatever crystals I wished to use (usually clear quartz) a Celtic cross (for religious symbol) and any other basic supplies (herbs, incense, matches etc) a ceramic bowl/plate for safe burning, and a robe to cover the top.
I kept a small handmade broom for energy/aura "sweeping" on a hook on my bedroom wall.

Instead of doing my workings at night when the normal population would expect, I would go out and do meditation/energy gathering in my yard. Sunbathing is a wonderful way to do this (also good for cleansing/charging your belongings). You can lie on a blanket or lawn chair, close your eyes and focus on the scents and sounds around you. If you live in the city, I suggest laying in a chair near your window instead. Meditation is simply slowing down your body processes and thoughts so that you become hyper aware of your being and the universe surrounding you. You can also burn some brush and toss herbs in it (if burning is okay in your area) and do your chant or prayer in your head instead of out loud.

Remember spells do not have to be pricking a doll with pins, chanting at the top of your lungs while bleeding over a burning black candle (odd examples of some weird spells I have seen). No matter what your desired outcome is, most spells are done with focus and visualization of what you are trying to accomplish. The tools and herbs may help but the "magic" is truly coming from within you and around you, not from your implements :)
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