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Magickal Help.
Post # 1

Here are some questions I find here on the forum for some people:

    What kind of Element am I? What is a element? How do I control/use my magic inside of me?

    My Answers.

  1. There is no accurate way to determine this, but I would say, what do you think/Feel? What do you think you are? you can try to check the forums for a page, which mentions the personality traits of the element type. Astrology can also help, but generally, astrology is inaccurate.
  2. A element is a type of energy that belongs to one element: fire, water, wind, earth, and sometimes the moon and sun.
  3. try to practice and get closer to your element. Some people can effectively manage an opposite element. Ex: Some people are characteristics of the water, but the fire better control.You can also use stones, crystals and try to meditate more and strengthen your chakras.
the better your karma is, the more wise your intentions are, the better the magic works for you because it has been adapted for the greater good, so its united and less manipulative, the worse your karma is, the worse your magick will work, and it only distracts you from true healing and tears you from the path, as part of an illusion, but it can always come back, the highest magic exists on a plane that is free from desire, it is pure energy, this is the intent most of the witches/sorcerers/wizards want to achieve and the dwelling place of the wise, on less comprehensive realms still affected by ignorance everything is split and so magicians try to bring it together through intentions, though sometimes they are tricked by the force and accidentally feed those splits by playing into selfish desires which actually only split them more its kind of a difficult process to understand but overtime you get an intuitive feel for it, and you really just sit back and let the magic happen, as your spirit takes you further and further into oneness of true perception
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