Belief in Yourself

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Belief in Yourself
Post # 1
The thing I have found to be the most important in magic, is knowing yourself and believing in yourself. Many find it hard to believe that they can do/create magic. Others believe in the impossible. If you fall into the second category, you need a reality check. Shapeshifting, controlling the world or nature around you is improbable. Work on common sense. If you fall into the first category, here are some tips that might help:

If you can, spend an hour a day just meditating on your life and desires in a positive way.

If you want something, work on ways to get it. Things usually do not just happen without some form of encouragement or work.

Keep a journal and try to write in it daily. New things you do, people you meet and the things you sense around you. This helps you to be more aware of your life. When you are aware it is easier to sense a shift in your surroundings and to fix it if necessary.

Reaffirm every day that you can change things. You can do magic, you can and do effect the world around you. The majority of "Magic" is believeing beyond a doubt that you can do it. Without belief you can only hope. You must believe in and visualize your success in all that you do.

I also suggest that you read "The secret" if you have not done so. There are a lot of helpful tips in the book. They discuss the fact that what you put out is returned to you.
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Re: Belief in Yourself
Post # 2
anything is possible if you just believe. just because you can't do it or haven't seen it doesn't mean it isn't out there or it's impossible.
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Re: Belief in Yourself
Post # 3
Loved this post.
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Re: Belief in Yourself
Post # 4

Thank you for this post. Good advice. I will ad this to my favorite's.

This will be a challenge but I will give it a try.

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Re: Belief in Yourself
Post # 5
Well you may call me a fluffy, but I do believe that controlling nature maybe possible, but of course it's not something that can be done in mere moments of practice. Take baby steps, other wise you may get hurt, or those you care about may get hurt. Just because you never seen it doesn't mean it's not possible. It just means that you've never seen it. The world is a strange place with many mysteries.

Of course this is my personally belief. That there is no impossible in the world, just improbable.

Everything else is just as lightseer said, "The Secret" is a good book to read if you are looking to have more faith in yourself. Also, try "The Element" by Ken Robinson and "Five Wishes" by Gay Hendricks. The basics of those books are the same thing, but the way they learn about belief in self and tell you is different.

P.S If you still have time look up "personal reality" on the internet. It's quite an interesting idea and the basics of it is the same as the books. Belief in self.

P.S.S Belief is the core of magic. At least that's what I think.
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