Vampire Magick.

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Vampire Magick.
Post # 1

Execution of Vampiric magick:
Once you fully understand how to manipulate energy, you have a better opportunity to use the magic of vampires. better yet before we begin. What is the vampire magic? Vampiric Magic is the art of connecting with somethingelse to live and take from it what you want or need. This is dangerous in many ways. This is because the spirit of the element. All living things have this element. If you try to vampire magic on another living being who has a strong will, when you do, then this type of magic can turn bad. This is where caution should be exercised..
What impact can vampiric magic is and what it does? It takes the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and pull them out from the target to yourself. What is dangerous about this? Its dangerous, because it is a living being, this includes the plants, the situation is the same thing to take away the life force from them. And adding to its own, forever! The end result is that veryadd your personal life. Or the number of atomic power you have inside... This means it can kill, if you do not use with discretion!
How can I do this? The first is used in the spirit of the elements and atomic force (energy) to connect to the elemental forces of the target or targets. keep in mind the goals you have morecan be difficult to pull off. Because you are strong, however, may be, must be greater then want to collect all the objectives. When you feel as if I had done this, you must defeat your goals,will and the strength of your spiritual element to take control of your target elements. (Earth, air, fire and water) were willing to leave your goal and come to you.
How I can avoid permanent damage to my goal? It's simple, it's not the force of his will in his goal. That is, once you have connected to your destination using your mind, instead of forcing their will to win the elemental power of the goal. Use your will to ask its goal of all elemental energy that does not sell, in your case. and if it doesthen any left over just drag your mind away from it without taking anything from it... Again, be responsible and careful with this kind of magic can work back and .... And remember, all the price of Magic. It is not always what you expect it to be. If you do notnot fear the consequences, then you should not have trouble pulling any kind of real magic ... You have to want to reach your goals LET nothing stand in your way.... Enjoy and be safe ...
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Re: Vampire Magick.
Post # 2
Another very interesting read RavinWolf. I quite enjoy your knowledge and information on different topics. I have heard about Vampiric magick, but I never really got into learning what it was all about. So thank you for this helpful information. :D
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Re: Vampire Magick.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Thank you very much for this post. I find it very helpful in my practices.
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