Moving Energy.Excersizes.

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Moving Energy.Excersizes.
Post # 1

This is a series of basic exercises for the manipulation of energy. It was the first I've ever learned, and I thought it beneficial to some here. I have divided into stages of progression, although it is a very simple series of exercises, this is not something you master overnight.
Allow your hands to relax completely until they "cup". Now position one of the hands in the palm over the other, but dont let them not touch. Focus on your hands, with the intention of collecting / pushing power between them. After a while, you should begin to feel what it feels like a tingly feeling/warmth, diffuse in your hands. Practice until you are able to do it quickly and with minimal effort.
Once you've mastered that, start trying to form a "fuzzy ball" in each hand, at the same time keeping them separate. Begin your hands palm up, and keep them, of course, the Pacific than in previous phases. It can also be practical to construct the energy of each hand separately. Do this until you can always build intense energy levels, by hand or both simultaneously for 5 seconds on a consistent state.
Once you have master the above techniques, try to move the energy to different parts of your body without using hands. You can start by forming the ball in one hand as before, but then concentrate on the movement of energy from one hand to another location in the body. As you become more proficient in it, try learning a reality of the concentration of energy in different parts of your body. Practice until you are able to do in 5 seconds or less.
Once you've reached the point where there is the ball was fairly quick and easy, start trying to get your hands slowly on the other. Slowly beat two palms up, while a "fuzzy ball" in each hand. Practice until you can maintain the energy balls at least several minutes with minimum effort.
After completing all the above steps regularly, plan to start practicing the "fuzzy ball" to a willing partner, while also instilling a sense of peace / healing. Discuss the effects and perceptions with your partner. If one partner is unavailable, then project your energy to an animal and watch the reactions. It is by no means the only way in which this technique can be used but it is safest to try, in my opinion.
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Re: Moving Energy.Excersizes.
Post # 2
The spacing is odd... I could'nt make it through the whole post.
But it looks very informative!
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Re: Moving Energy.Excersizes.
Post # 3
this is a good work for me.
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Re: Moving Energy.Excersizes.
Post # 4

Drats. Ill probably have to repost it :(

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Re: Moving Energy.Excersizes.
Post # 5
Good work. Thanks for these exercises. I will be sure to try them out sometime.
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